Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fern Gully

Hi Everyone. It’s me, Bellamine and I have some photos of camp I would like to share with you.
One of the things we all liked to do at camp was go hiking. There are several really great trails where we could choose to hike. One of Bitsy and my favorite trails was the one that went into Fern Gully.  Fern Gully is a bee-u-tee-full area where really big ferns grow everywhere.  Mom would have loved it. We climbed up on some of the really big ones and scooted under one and hid from Wendy and Clarissa for a while but when they didn’t even look for us we decided it was kind of creepy under there and Bitsy is really scared of bugs. I’m only a little bit scared of bugs but then I got to thinking that snakes might like hiding under those big ferns so we didn’t hide under them anymore.
Here’s Bitsy sitting on one of the ferns.

Here I am standing on a really big fern. Ferns are easy to climb up on when you're a great climber like me.

Bitsy decided to join me up here on this really big fern. She's a good climber too.

There are trees everywhere at camp because Camp Good Bear has forests and woods all around it. I know that bears are natural tree climbers but we don’t have a lot of trees at the North Pole and the ones we do have are all Christmas trees and we're not supposed to climb those so it was a new experience for my sisters and me.
Here I am starting my first climb. It's hard to climb this kind of tree because there isn't anything to get ahold of.  Some of the other bears climb the trees that have bark but I was afraid I'd tear my romper and my mom would have been really upset.
I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell my mom. Most of the time at camp we ran around  B-A-R-E. We were bare bears.  Yep, just wore our bear skins.  Hehehehe!!! It's the best way to go swimming in the lake and we went swimming every day because it was so warm and the lake was so cool.

Here I am again half way up. I had to keep my eyes closed because I’m afraid of heights.

Here I am as far up as I dared to go. It was really high up and when I opened my eyes to see how high up I was I got scared and couldn’t climb back down for a while until I got my nerve up and then I came down really fast. It’s a good thing there was a big ol' fern at the bottom because it softened my landing.

Since we got home we’ve been telling the other bears about all of the things we did at camp and now most of them want to go next year. The boys want to learn to fish and they want to learn how to paddle a canoe and they want to go to Fern Gully and climb trees. They want to sit around the camp fire and listen to scary ghost stories and have s'mores. Who wouldn't want to do all of those things? I know I want to go again next year.
Clarissa, Wendy and I have enough stories to last for weeks so we’ll be taking turns telling you about our adventures and showing you some of the photos we took.  Although I miss being at camp and being with all of my friends I'm kind of happy to be home too. I missed my family and my friends who live here. I've already made plans to spend the night at Dory's house on Friday. I hope all of you have been having a nice summer because it's almost over and school will be starting back up next week.

Monday, August 13, 2012

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


I thought I'd have had this fellow finished up a few days ago but for whatever reason it took me longer. I'm going to blame it on the weather and having too many other things taking over the time I normally use for working on my projects.

Here's the second of my Extra Terrestrials.....

At first glance he appears to have the same body as his mate but I can assure you this is not the case. He's much more muscular and has a heavier tail. Although his head is covered with a shell-like layer it does not in any way look like the female of this species and his coloring is paler than that of his mate.

Shown here side by side you can see that the female is much more delicate. (Shapelier too.)

The males tail is not only heavier it is also longer and joins his body at a different angle then the females.

Originally I sculpted three heads that were alien in nature but awhile back one of them was reworked and ended up becoming a Munchkin. That's the way it is sometimes. Things aren't always what you think they are.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I'm going to spend most of mine working in the yard. I know that many of you are getting tired of summer and longing for autumn but I have always felt that summer is too short. I could do without the high temperatures but I do love the sunshine and the green grass and having a garden to tend to. Our growing season starts rather late so I'm just now getting a few grape tomatoes and summer squash. In my opinion there's nothing better tasting than a tomato from your own garden.  Today I'm having a salad for lunch with a handful of grape tomatoes that are from my little garden.

So, enjoy what's left of your weekend and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Most people won’t admit to believing in life on other planets. Many people however believe ours is not the only planet that evolved as it did. It’s quite possible the BIG BANG scattered “Life” throughout the universe.
As advanced as our civilization is we have yet to travel outside of our solar system so it’s quite possible the life on other planets may be having trouble leaving their own as well. Perhaps one of these worlds is similar to our own and has large areas of water and perhaps the most advanced species on that world would be the ones that evolved to live in or under the water instead of those who adapted to living on land.  Now, suppose the civilization living there look something like this:

For years we as a people have imagined how the life forms on other planets might look. Since I've decided the people on one of these worlds have evolved to live under water they would not for example wear clothing.

I imagine their bodies would be covered in scales similar to some of our sea creatures. This particular specimen has fins on her limbs for aiding in swimming and it would appear she can spend time out of water. She has a lovely tail and a fin that runs from just below her head and stops a few inches above her tail.

Her eyes would be adept at seeing under water and it would appear that her head is protected by a heavy shell like covering.

I have been a little heavy handed with the photos for this post in hopes I'd be able to show the way her coloring seems to change with each pose. The reason I photographed her with the back drop that I used is because I wanted to show you what the fabric that she was made from looked like before it was painted.

I'm currently working on her mate and hope to have him completed and ready to post by the end of the week. 

I hope you're having a wonderful week and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


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Friday, August 3, 2012


Dear Mom,

I am so happy I decided to come to Camp Good Bear with Wendy and Bellamine. If I had stayed at home I would have never met my best friend Blossom. We are so much alike we could be twins. We don't look alike although we are both beautiful. Her fur is almost as amazing as mine. Hers is the prettiest color and is so fluffy. Wait until you see her. Prudence took a picture of us. See, I'm staying in the shade so my fur doesn't get sun damaged.

We talk for hours about everything. Next to me she's the prettiest girl here at camp and certainly the nicest. That yellow flower she's holding she picked for me to wear in my fur.

I really like her brother Sweet Pea. He's so nice and handsome and I can tell he likes me too. Remember when you told me that when boys tease you it means they like you? Well, yesterday he chased me with a frog. I pretended to be scared and screamed and ran away and called him a meanie and he laughed in the cutest way. Oh Mom, wait until you meet him.

Prudence is my favorite bearcelor and she's really pretty too. Blossom has a sister named Sissy and she and Prudence look a lot alike.

This is where we are going to be this afternoon.

We've got to practice paddling our canoe for the big race tomorrow. It's the girls against the boys and I think the girls are going to win.

Bellamine and Wendy spend a lot of time making crafts. They're going to need another suit case to bring it all home. I made you a button necklace and a braided key holder. You're going to think I did a wonderful job because they really are the best ever.

Every night the bearcelors tell us scary stories around the camp fire and then we get to have a special treat. They're really yummy and they have a funny name.

They're called smores, and almost as good as honey. I think we need to start making them at home.

Bellamine and Wendy said to say hi and they miss you and to remind you to bring money when you come tomorrow. You are coming tomorrow aren't you?

Hugs and kisses from your little princess,