Monday, February 18, 2013


I’ve been playing in the sewing room and have two new little baby dolls to add to my doll family. Now that I think about it I seem to have a habit of doing two of whatever it is I’m making at a time. I wonder if that means something……. probably not.
For whatever reason my dolls are almost always children but it’s been years since I made baby dolls. Back in the 1980s I took commissions for Cabbage Patch style dolls and all of those were babies or toddlers but since then these two little dolls are my first attempts at making babies.

Both of these babies are barely over 10 inches long which makes them much smaller than the ones I used to make. Jamie is a chubby baby boy with pale blue eyes. Since he has no hair and this house is quite cool this time of year I’ve made him a cap to match his sweater. He still needs some booties or shoes but right now he’s at the age where he’d be trying to pull them off and I do so love sweet little baby feet.
The baby girl Kimie is not as chubby and is dressed in only a sweater and diaper. I’d thought of making her a bonnet or hat but why cover all of that honey blond hair? Her eyes are a darker shade of blue than Jamie’s.

The way these two have been constructed allows them to be posed to assume many positions.
As fun as it was to make these two I don’t know if I’ll be making any more. Two seems to be my limit these days.
The other day I broke down and visited the craft store. I know I said I wasn’t going to go until I used up some of the supplies on hand but I’m weak and have no self-control!  I’m kidding.  I actually have tons of self-control. Really I do. Serious self-control… Anyway, back to the trip to the craft store. I went for one certain item, make that two items. A set of water color pencils and some water color paper.
I may have superior self-control but I'm also very suggestable.  After seeing what two of my friends posted on their blogs showing what they had been doing with water color pencils I wanted to join in on the fun. So far I haven’t had much success so I won’t be showing you anything right now. Maybe I’ll never have anything that is worth sharing but I am having fun playing around and wasting paper.
You should visit my friend Karen Anne at Ireland Brady and see the beautiful series of Bitty Betta Fish she’s just finished. They are amazing.  I also suggest that you visit Pam at yoborobo to see what she has been doing with her new Inktense water color pencils. These two talented artists have made working with water color pencils look easy but it really isn't so easy for some of us.  
Wishing you a happy week and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


This Valentine’s Day thing is not happening the way we had planned. It is nothing like we thought it would be. We thought our mom was going to buy us materials to make cards to send to our friends but she didn’t. We thought that she was going to make us special treats like heart shaped cookies or a Valentine heart shaped cake but she isn’t going to do that either. We thought there might be new outfits for us but she hasn’t brought out the sewing machine or gotten out boxes of pretty fabric so we guess that isn’t going to happen either. All she does is clean closets and cupboards. That’s no fun at all!!

We decorated our tree and set out our decorations over two weeks ago but Mom didn’t seem to notice.  We’ve come to the conclusion that our mom just doesn’t love us anymore.

We got this card from our beary dear friend, Prudence. Isn’t it pretty?

We told mom that she doesn't love us any more and she told us don’t be silly. Now what does that sound like to you? Doesn’t that sound like she’s tired of us?  She always liked our silliness before. She would rather spend all day sorting things and putting things into boxes and labeling them or into big black bags and taking them somewhere not here. The hug has been staying in our room because we’re afraid she’s going to put us in one of those bags and that’s just the beginning.

When we asked her if she was going to make us some cookies or a cake she said that she’s doing something called South Beach and doesn’t want the temptation of having sweet treats in the house.  Now everyone knows that we bears live for those sweet treats. She did put out some candies for us so maybe she still likes us a little bit.

We wish she would stop with the cleaning and stop doing the South Beach whatever that is and start having some fun with us again. Okay, so Valentine’s Day is a bust but we still have St. Patrick’s Day coming up and then Easter after that. Those are good holidays, right?? We need to figure out how to make our mom want to do things with us again and being the relentless and resourceful little bears that we are we will come up with a plan.

So dear friends, forgive us for not sending you some beary special paw made cards and for not inviting you to share Valentine shaped cookies with us or having fun at our Valentine’s Day party because none of this is our fault. We wanted to do all of those things but it just didn’t happen because our mom would rather clean cubbies.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our beary good friends
Bellamine & Wendy