Monday, February 18, 2013


I’ve been playing in the sewing room and have two new little baby dolls to add to my doll family. Now that I think about it I seem to have a habit of doing two of whatever it is I’m making at a time. I wonder if that means something……. probably not.
For whatever reason my dolls are almost always children but it’s been years since I made baby dolls. Back in the 1980s I took commissions for Cabbage Patch style dolls and all of those were babies or toddlers but since then these two little dolls are my first attempts at making babies.

Both of these babies are barely over 10 inches long which makes them much smaller than the ones I used to make. Jamie is a chubby baby boy with pale blue eyes. Since he has no hair and this house is quite cool this time of year I’ve made him a cap to match his sweater. He still needs some booties or shoes but right now he’s at the age where he’d be trying to pull them off and I do so love sweet little baby feet.
The baby girl Kimie is not as chubby and is dressed in only a sweater and diaper. I’d thought of making her a bonnet or hat but why cover all of that honey blond hair? Her eyes are a darker shade of blue than Jamie’s.

The way these two have been constructed allows them to be posed to assume many positions.
As fun as it was to make these two I don’t know if I’ll be making any more. Two seems to be my limit these days.
The other day I broke down and visited the craft store. I know I said I wasn’t going to go until I used up some of the supplies on hand but I’m weak and have no self-control!  I’m kidding.  I actually have tons of self-control. Really I do. Serious self-control… Anyway, back to the trip to the craft store. I went for one certain item, make that two items. A set of water color pencils and some water color paper.
I may have superior self-control but I'm also very suggestable.  After seeing what two of my friends posted on their blogs showing what they had been doing with water color pencils I wanted to join in on the fun. So far I haven’t had much success so I won’t be showing you anything right now. Maybe I’ll never have anything that is worth sharing but I am having fun playing around and wasting paper.
You should visit my friend Karen Anne at Ireland Brady and see the beautiful series of Bitty Betta Fish she’s just finished. They are amazing.  I also suggest that you visit Pam at yoborobo to see what she has been doing with her new Inktense water color pencils. These two talented artists have made working with water color pencils look easy but it really isn't so easy for some of us.  
Wishing you a happy week and as always, thanks for stopping by.


Yamada Miyako said...

Dearest Maddy,

Oh, a habit of doing two; I do understand this as two (couple) is FAR better than one (single). Your doll babies "Jamie and Kimie" are so adorable♡♡♡ And they can assume many positions, how wonderful♬♬♬ Their outfits are really wonderfully made as well.

I know you are kidding, but we tend to lose self-control for certain thing, don't we; it is sweets for me(^^;) Happy or your findings(^_^)v 

Have a wonderful week and Love you always from Japan to my sweet big bs in America, xoxo Miyako*  

Jan Conwell said...

They're so cute!

Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Miss Maddyrose,

The twins are so beary sweet. Of course we bears always have toasty toes (that's what Mom calls our paws)cause we are covered with bear fur. So cuddly and soft.

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence ♥

I'm countin' down the days till camp starts.

Bren said...

Doing doubles, I suspect the second comes just so you can tweak what you were doing in the first and then your ready to move on. So much talent, these are great!

Love Bears All Things said...

Welcome to the two little ones......I'm like you about keeping babies' heads and feet covered....

Speaking of Dolls: I was searching for where I stashed my dishes when I got the Christmas Dishes out (happens every year, I forget where I put the everyday ones)and opening a drawer in the guest room, saw that some of the Barbie Dolls where showing nudity. I can't stand that so I had to sit down and dress them all which led to straightening their clothes and accessories which took up my searching time so I still haven't found the dishes.
Mama Bear

Linda Wildenstein said...

The babies are adorable. Two cutie patooties. I love that you have concern for their comfort.
As to the drawing "thang". I'm so glad that you had a spark to do something that you don't normally do. It's great to jump into "doings".
Talk to you soon, Oma Linda

Jan said...

Cute kids! They must have been fun to create and it shows. I have some water color pencils too but haven't used them much. I tend to use my water color crayons more and I love them. I always enjoy Pam's blog too. Hope you are doing well in this gray weather.

Ascension said...

Se ven adorables y tan dulcessss, que me he enamorado.
Seguro que es fantastico abrazarlos, se ven genial!!!
Gracias por los enlaces.
besitos ascension

Mary @ Colony Mountain Folk Art Dolls said...

It is always enjoyable to see what you have been up to. This pair is adorable! I like the idea of always doing two. I am looking forward to seeing what happens when you take up the water color pencils...should be good!

Katy Cameron said...

Glad you've been having fun anyway, even if you did get let slightly astray ;o)

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your two new baby dolls ;o) You are so creative! They are precious ;o) Good for you, trying something new ;o) I think I will stick with my painting ;o) LOL!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

The babies are adorable. You did a beautiful job. Watercolors sounds nice, but I can't paint in acrylics so I probably wouldn't do very well.
Painting is something I wish I could do.

yoborobo said...

Such cute little guys! I love that they have each other. One would be lonely. :) And you'll get the hang of those inktense pencils. I've just used them to 'outlined' parts of the paintings. So I draw with them first, then go back with a wet brush. I should show you all the stuff I make that doesn't out - lol!! xox

Rhissanna said...

Those arw both such gorgeous dolls. I love how they pose, and their beautifully shaped limbs and their sweetly solemn faces.

Have fun with the watercolour pencils. Seriousl,have FUN and don't worry. Hubby got me some for Christmas and I've used them for doll faces so far.

IrelandBrady said...

Oh, I just love your two new little babies! They have the sweetest expressions on their faces, ya just wanna pick em up and hug em and luv em!

Thanks for the links to mine and Pam's blogs! That was really sweet of you! I visited Pam's blog and love how she used the Inktense pencils in her little Frieda painting, it is just charming!

Everyone develops their own way of using watercolor pencils, just JUMP in and experiment! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun and find dozens of ways to put them to use! Once you wet the intense pencils and they dry, they are permanent. Hmmm, I'll bet you could even use them on clothe faced dolls....

Take care and keep having fun!

Dessa Rae Greenwood said...

Oh! Your babies are so adorable!! I love them...
I too used to do cabbage patch commission dolls...oh I am dating
You have them dressed so cute...
It's thoughtful of you to create in two's, then your creations never get
Beautiful work
Dessa Rae

Cobblestone Creations said...

Oh how sweet! I'm just learning about needle sculpting of faces for my bears. It's amazing how just a tiny tuck makes such a difference. Yours turned out so well!

I think there is something in the air at craft stores that makes us buy, buy, buy! Hey ~ that's my story and I'm sticking with it! ;)

Leny said...

Lovely Maddy,very sweet!!Love the quilt too!!

Happy Weekend!!!

Mina said...

I LOVE these sweet baby dolls, Miss Maddy Rose. Your dolls (well I suppose everything you create) always bring such a smile to my face. You give them such personality. Their pose-ability is such a plus. Of course their quilt is absolutely gorgeous as well. I cant wait to see your water color pencil creations. You are just warming up! Huge hugs to you, my lovely friend. Mina

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I love your babies!! I always loved cabbage patch dolls. In the eighties I was raising my granddaughter she was crazy over them too. I bought a baby life sized cabbage patch style from a lady who made them, for Christmas one year. We named her Rosebud.
Your babies brought back a lot of nice memories.


Sweet Pea and Blossom send their hugs. Sweet Pea giggled and said one of his hugs was an extra big one. That would be for Clarissa we think.

Anonymous said...

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White Weathered Hutch, said...

Maddy your dolls are precious.
I have managed to finish one face now I'm stuck on the clothing...
I haven't done dressmaking in years.
So this is great practice.

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