Monday, September 17, 2012


One of my favorite doll artists is my sister Maggie. She is not only a talented artist she can spin a good yarn when she has a mind to.  

A while back she created three shelf sitter dolls as part of a challenge for Art Doll Quarterly and all three were chosen to appear in the magazine.  My favorite of the three is an adorable fellow who she calls the Egg Man. From the first time I saw the Egg Man I was smitten. He's so perfect I can't find a single thing about him I'd want to change. He's home now and Maggie has posted his story and some photos of him on her blog.  Here are a few photos of this amazing fellow.

Maggie has listed him in her Etsy store and I'm betting he won't be there long.

To see more photos of the Egg Man and read his story head on over to Off My Rocker.

Life is keeping me busy. Summer is over and there's a lot to things to take care of so I'm ready for those long winter months. Where I live winter seems to last forever so I'm doing as much as I possibly can outside now because it won't be long before all of this wonderful sunshine is gone. I hope you're enjoying your day and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 10, 2012


I haven’t been spending much time on the computer lately for several reasons one being I’ve been working on some pieces for a room box of sorts for use when photographing my Santa sculptures and dolls. It’s been awhile since I built furniture so it’s taken me longer than I would have thought it would.
The first piece I worked on is a little rocker. This piece is actually a rework. I bought the rocker at a thrift store last spring. It was lopsided and had a poor quality finish and really didn’t look like much. I had to completely dismantle it and while I had it apart I stripped and sanded each piece. I found the reason for the lopsidedness. The arms, legs and stretcher pieces were not the same from side to side and had to be ground down and reshaped to fit properly. After reconstructing the rocker I gave it a Tung oil finish and some pretty little cushions.

The sofa is the second piece I worked on and I made it completely from scratch. It took one day for me to build the frame which I covered with cotton quilt batting and then four more days to upholster it and make pillows. It still needs feet but since they’re small and won’t really be noticeable I thought I’d show you what I have so far.

This close-up shows the fabric that I used for the upholstery. It looks something like a corderoy but isn't. It is a good choice because it doesn't fray and doesn't stretch.

I’m also working on an armouire and tables and lamps and will eventually have enough furnishings to put together a room. If I’m not posting as often as I have in the past it’s because I’m caught up in my work. I will show pieces from time to time so you can see I’m still here.
Enjoy your week and as always, thanks for stopping by.