Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm new to this so please be patient

I can't believe I'm actually doing this. It's a bit scary but I think I can do it.

Up until recently I didn't even know what a blog was. I was visiting my sisters and the youngest said she had a blog. I'm thinking, "What in the heck is a blog?" I figured I'd better check out what she was doing, so I visited her blog. Then a couple of months later the other sister says she's got a blog too. With both of them blogging and having such a good time doing it I thought why not. I just got back from spending a week visiting with them and now I too have a blog. I needed help getting started.

One of my sisters and I share a passion for sculpting with paper mache clay. Not only are we both hooked on the stuff, we have the same subject that we feel compelled to sculpt over and over.  Between the two of us we've captured his likeness at least two dozen times.  Can you guess who I'm refering to?  It's the mister of course.  I have a picture of one of my sculptures I'd like to share with you.

Well, here's the mister.  He's taking the dog for a walk.  The snow gets too deep for the dog to walk on his own, so Kris has to carry him.

This is about all I've got time for this time around.  Hope to hear from you.

Maddy Rose  (aka Mrs. Claus)


Maggie said...

Hi Maddy! Glad you figured it all out. Love the Santa.

maddyrose said...

Hi Maggie, Thanks for visiting.

Marlene said...

Hi Maddy, Yea your first post! I'll introduce you next week to my followers and good luck sis.