Friday, April 8, 2011


Three days ago I posted the story of the Nossie.  Remember, Nossie sounds like mossy? That's when I introduced you to Snizzle Nosse and  provided all of the results of my research on the Nossie and how to identify a Nosse when you see one. Remember? They're short, have big eyes and a long beard and are vain and wear fancy robes and cloaks. They really are distinctive and I believe very attractive. I really love the little fellas.

One of my sisters, I'm not going to mention which one, expressed concern over any copy right infringement. She seems to think I might get into trouble posting this information on my blog.  Now, I have to say, I'm a  bit surprised that she didn't realize that the story was in my own words so I doubt there can be a problem. I might have done a copy and paste, but I didn't. I figured that it was obvious as my spelling sucks, and I'm hardly eliquent. I should probably come clean to all of you anyway and admit at this time that the Nossie are a figment of my imagination. I feel just terrible about this believe me.  I fibbed.  I'm a big fat fibber. I could claim senility as I'm really, really old, but I'm not that bad yet. My mind just works in a strange sort of way. Who else but a nut would claim to be Mrs. Claus? I fibbed about that too.

Anywho, I finally got the second of my Nossie completed. It's true. After much too much time spent painting I'm finally finished with Shnoz. As much as I enjoy making these little people, and believe me, I love making them, I'm afraid that the painting is going to require me to get new glasses. As it is, I'm already using a magnifier for some of it.

So,'s Shnoz Nosse

Remember that a Nosse can have feet 1/3 his height? Shnoz's is almost there. You can see the toe of his boot peeking out from under the fur in the front of his cloak.

The profile shot is one of my favorites. You can see why the Nossie are so vain.  Look at that nose.

Here's a close-up of his face.  If you think he looks a bit worried it's because he keeps hearing laugher following him around, but when he looks back there's no one there.

Shnoz can't see that he's got stowaways on the fur in the back of his cloak. Three little mice are cracking each other up with mouse jokes. You know how mice giggle over the dumbest things.

Shnoz is only about 10" tall, but he's full of charm and a really snappy dresser.

Here Snizzle has joined Shnoz so I could show you the difference between a cloak and robes. Snizzle is wearing robes without a cloak or coat. Cloaks are an outer garment, and usually have fur trim at the cuffs and the bottom and collar. As you can see, Shnoz has on his favorite cloak.

Before I part ways with you today, I told Rona at New Challenges I'd tell you about her giveaway. Go check her out.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by.


Linda in New Mexico said...

These are so adorable....along with the story. How fun. The Olde Bagg

Marlene said...

Maddy, I wondered if the story was yours but wasn't sure. Also didn't know if you knew all the rules since your new to this, no offense meant. I wonder which sister has the big mouth and ratted me out? I love these Nosse's they are quite cute.

maddyrose said...

Thanks Linda and Marlene. I'll tell Snizzle and Shnoz you think they're adorable. I doubt they'll be surprised as they're used to adoration.
Marlene, I won't say who told me about the other thing.

Rona Gregory said...

Ha! Couldn't resist a little blog hopping! I love your little fella! Thank you for the mention also! That's four entries for you in my giveaway. *smooches*

Maggie said...

LOVE the Nossie! Schnoz is quite the charmer, and I love the cute little mice, too. I ratted you out, Marlene.

ger chouinard said...

LOVE "Santa and the Mrs.", found you through Marlene's blog (stopped there 1st for a muffin and some great watercolor's). I LOVE Santa ... (the little mouses are so cute near his feet), going to sit back w/my coconut cream coffee and visit your world!

Heather said...

Love the nose, and the mice of course!!!! xo

Mina said...

How adorable! Thanks so much for the visit today. It is such a pleasure to meet you. And yes...Herger loves to cuddle. ;-)