Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Adventures of Donovan and Baby Bear

One day Grandma, Donovan and Baby Bear decided to take a walk. Since it was going to be a long walk they took the stroller.
“Make sure to hold on to Baby Bear so that he doesn’t fall out of the stroller and get hurt.” Grandmas told Donovan. Donovan said he would hold tight and wouldn’t let Baby Bear fall.
As they walked along they saw some big black birds that said, “Caw…caw…caw.” Donovan tried talking to the birds by saying, “Caw…caw…caw.”

Then they saw a big unfriendly looking dog and Donovan was a little tiny bit frightened but he didn’t want Baby Bear to be frightened so he held him close and told him the doggy wouldn’t hurt him.  This made Baby Bear feel better and he wasn’t afraid.

Grandma asked Donovan if he would like to go to the ice cream place and get a cone. Donovan said he and Baby Bear would like some ice cream so that’s what they decided to do.
While Donovan was waiting for Grandma to get their cones he showed the other people in line how Baby Bear could dance. Everyone said that Baby Bear was a very good dancer.

They went outside of the shop to the little court yard and sat on the benches under the trees to eat their ice cream. Donovan shared his with Baby Bear.  While they licked their cones butterflies flew over the flowers that surrounded the bench where they sat. Donovan and Baby Bear liked the ‘Flutter byes.’ Soon they were finished with their treat. Baby Bear managed to get melted ice cream all over his face and down the front of himself and so did Donovan. Good thing Grandma had plenty of wet napkins.

As you can see from these four drawings, my skill with colored pencil has diminished considerably. Blame it on the bad hand and the failing eye sight. I didn't even notice that I'd failed to color Grandma's shoes until after I'd taken the pictures.

I found a couple of photos showing the real Donovan and Baby Bear and thought that I would share them with you.

The first one is a copy of the actual photo that was taken the day we went for Donovan's 18 month portrait and Donovan found Baby Bear.

Sorry for the sparkly finish. The photo paper has a sheen that makes copying difficult.

This portrait was taken exactly three years after the one above. Donovan insisted Baby Bear had to have his picture taken too as it was his birthday. We used to have birthday parties for Baby Bear as he really did become a part of our family.

I mentioned in the previous post that this story was based on the relationship of my grandson and his teddy bear but I failed to explain that everything that I've related in this little tale is true. I also should tell you that although many years have passed, Donovan and Baby Bear are still together.  I haven't seen Baby Bear in years but the last time I did see him you could tell he was getting up there in years.

I'm not sure I want to complete coloring any more of the drawings as the paper they are sketched on isn't very good quality to begin with and if I were to spend any more time doing this I'd want to start from the beginning and redo all of the illustrations on higher quality paper with either water color of acrylic paints. I thought there were 11 original sketches but have found two more that aren't completely drawn. I may or may not post the rest of the story but haven't decided when or how I'll go about it. 

At this time I'd like to tell all of you out there on the east coast who are in the path of hurricane Irene that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Please be safe and let us hear from you.

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orchid said...

Dear Maddyrose,
Oh, true story isn't it♡♡♡
In your way, you can keep your LOVELY memory with such a wonderful talent.
Thank you for sharing your cute story with us.
MARVELOUS works my friend♬♬♬

Hugs from east,xoxo Orchid.

Linda in New Mexico said...

I feel like you have shared one of life's most precious things with us right here in two parts. I am honored. Sweet memories and the relationship of a boy and his beloved toy bear. Thank you so much, Linda

Katy Cameron said...

The Clan are so glad you could share more of the story, and the colouring in looks fine to us!

Kays Kids said...

Wilbur has just come back from the market. He was so tired that he went to bed early. Before he did go to bed I read him you lovely story. He loved it and said to tell you, the mother has white shoes on so don't worry.
It is a very precious story.
Wilber and Granny

Cobblestone Creations said...

What precious memories. Good to know Baby Bear is still around. :)

Jan said...

Fun story, nicely illustrated. I thought it was very well drawn, I especially liked that the grandma isn't old and gray haired since so many grandmas these days are so young. Sorry your hands are still bothering you.

Christel Hutson said...

wonderful story, and illustrations Maddy! Love the photos of the real Donnavan..he's so cute!

Carrie'sCreations said...

I just love your tale of Donovan and Baby Bear:) It is heart warming. Such wonderful memories that you've captured in your illustrations and stories. Very sweet!

Mina said...

You have managed to take the everyday acts of a precious child and his baby bear and turn it into pure enchantment. I just love these stories and I think your art work is stunning. Everything and everyone looks as well done as I have seen in any children's books. Bravo to your superior writing and artistic skills!

Leny said...

Lovely,I really enjoyed!!

Great work,

Ascension said...

Me he pasado por tu blog para ver tus preciosas ilustraciones, son una verdadera maravilla.
besitos ascension

Plumrose Lane said...

What a beautiful posting! It's extraordinary the bonds we build through our lives, be them with people, places or cuddly friends ~ they're simply lovely!

Diny said...

Love the story, love the drawings,I can see the love for your grandson in it.
You can see whats happening and that is a wonderful memory....

The little boy on the real pictures is adorable you must have been real proud of him. Such a sweet grandson.Hope for you he is still sweet....

Greetings, Diny

Crystal Cook said...

What a wonderful story Maddy! I love the timeless, yet sort of old fashioned feel it has. It touches the heart. And it makes it even better that it's true! And the illustrations are beautiful! I love them. :)

Maggie said...

Lovely, Maddy, just perfect. And as someone else already said, Gramma was probably wearing white shoes. It was summer, after all, right? I love your illustrations! If you can still draw like that, you need to illustrate my story!
Has Dono read his story?


Joanna said...

Great illustrations! Nice colors and I really like your style of drawing.

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Dear Maddy rose,

I was trying to leave a comment on your post, but everytime I can't leave a comment on your blog.
I hope this tome I can leave a comment.

Your story about Donavan is great.
And this little Donovan is so sweet!

I wishing you a lovely week-end,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

children's stories...exactly what I love! I knew immediately when I saw the photo's of the children that they were the ones you centered your story around. CUTE!
Babies...Grands..there can never, ever be enough of them!

Heather said...

this is just so cool! I enjoyed the story and your adorable illustrations!!!
I am sorry i have not been by in a few days. the storm took a toll on power, etc. areas around me are's hard to even put my arms around the situation and what has happened...i so appreciate your continued support!! you are a great bloggy friend! thank you!

art2cee2 said...

this is just so sweet it has given me a great big smile, that will stay with me all day! :-)

indigotwin said...

lovely little story! Thanks for sharing!

my tiny studio said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely story and illustrations :)

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

I love the story and your illustrations!
How precious:)


ger chouinard said...

MaddyRose: Amazing ... love your story and illustrations! What a sweet, personal children's book! Missed ya ... glad we could visit :)