Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've decided that in the spirit of sharing I would invite you into my work space or at least one of them. I have several but this one is the most organized. The reason it's so organized I paid a visit to Ikea and came home with several of the wonderful storage boxes they carry. So without wasting your time with a bunch of verbal nothing I'll show you a few photos.

The hutch which is the backbone of this work station was built by my son who is a very gifted carpenter. There are all sorts of spaces such as the ones where my sketch pads, far left and bottom middle are kept. I went with the green and white as my favorite color is green and I like the crisp look of this color combo.

This is where I do most of my blogging and where I'm sitting at this very minute. There is more storage to either side of the computer station.

The photo above is the stack or pile of junk  supplies and books, and boxed toilet that blocks the closet where more supplies and my Christmas wrap is stored.

While straightening up the area the other day I discovered a project that I started many years ago. This was in the time before my eyesight got so bad. At least then I had some closeup vision. I made the pattern for this piece and although I don't have many colors of floss left after giving most of it to my daughter I'm thinking about trying to complete this piece now that I've discovered that wearing my reading glasses and using the lighted magnifier I might be able to see what I'm doing. This isn't the only piece that's in the box that got left partially done.

I've got to hurry and finish this as my batteries in my mouse are fading fast and I haven't any new ones until I get to a store. 

Hope you weren't too bored with this visit. Now you know where I spend most of my time.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


Cobblestone Creations said...

Ok ~ when can I move in? :)

Ascension said...

Me encanta tu rincon, lo tienes muy ordenado.
besitos ascension

Jan Conwell said...

Pretty awesome storage! I love the oughta finish it. :~)

colleens craft shed said...

Love the storage, I need to work on mine!! Thanks for sharing.

Erin said...

Love your white and green color fresh and invigorating! Nothing beats having a dedicated work space. :)

Linda in New Mexico said...

great storage. After you read my today's blog you'll see how dangerous organization can be. I love being able to see where ya do what ya do.

Dawn in the Forest said...

Your so organized! I tried doing this last year, but for some reason I can't seem to put everything back in its rightful place:)

Mary @ Colony Mountain... said...

You are so organized...figured you had to be to get so much accomplished. I just love looking in on other artists work spaces, so thanks for inviting me in!

The Bear's Blog said...

Hm, very neat. Not like M's craft room. Not so neat.

Hi Bellamine, Hi Wendy.....I didn't see you in those pictures and that disappointed me. )o:


Kays Kids said...

Maddy it is so neat, do you really work their. Ha Ha. I haven't had time to even tidy mine this holidays.
I hope you finish your picture. (Where are the people with fluff on).
Hugs Wilbur and Granny

Dessa Rae said...

Wow!! Soooo organized..I bet your dishes are even
Love the green and white, it is very clean and crisp looking....very nice!!

orchid said...

Hi! Dearest Maddy,
Wow, so wonderful to be able to take a look at your working place♡♡♡ You have more places!!!
I was surprised how much materials or tools you need and got them ready☆☆☆
And your son must be a really handy man, lucky you♪
I love your half done embroidery work!!! Good Luck and looking forward to seeing it finished.
Love and Lots of Hugs to you,xoxo Miyako*

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Maddy, Your workspace is so neat and organized. That's what I should be doing, but I'm making stuff instead!!!! Thanks for sharing your workroom.

Bird said...

If I could be as organized I'd love it. I'm the most disorganized person... well, maybe not the most disorganized person... but I may be a close second. Your room looks wonderful and the colors are great. Green is my favorite color too. :-)

The cross stitch you found that you started many moons ago is darling. I used to cross stitch now and then myself... but I too have bad vision now and hands that have too much ache in them to hold a needle for that long.

Brightest blessings to you,

I Wonder Wye said...

love the workspace and the needlepoint project!

Katy Cameron said...

Ahh, Ikea rocks the storage thing, right? Thanks for sharing your space :o) Good luck with your wee finish too...

Georgina said...

Hi MaddY, so glad to meet you and thank you for coming over to my blog and check it out. Yep, that Linda and I go way back and as she said in her comment to me, she understands what I'm always ranting about, something that should be a concern!! LOL

I love your wonderful office. I don't dare show you pics of my're liable to go's almost as bad as starring at the sun!!

I'm looking forward to reading more about you and your "everydays," and again, thanks so much for comin' on over. I'm not as mindful as Linda is with blogs, so when I write, ya know I've got more to say than needs to be said!! LOL


Maggie said...

I was just looking at some of your older posts, and I really like this one. You should have made me go upstairs when I was over last month so that I could see your put together space! It looks really organized. And I think it's about time that you finished that sweet needlepoint.