Sunday, July 29, 2012


Dear Mom,
We are having a splendid time here at Camp Good Bear. We have made so many new friends and have finally met our blogging friends in the fur.
On our first night at camp we had our first camp fire and it was so much fun. We learned some new songs that we’re going to teach everyone when we get back home. Bellamine’s favorite is the one that starts out “The ants go marching one by one” and she learned the whole thing the first night and wants to sing it all of the time. She even marches while she sings it. One of the bearcelors told us a really scary ghost story and we all screamed and then laughed and it was so much fun. Wilbur showed us how to make Damper on a Stick and when we get home we’re going to show you how to make them because they are so good and easy to make too.

Us listening to the scary story with one of our new friends. He brought marshmellows to snack on and said we could share. Wilbur is cooking us a Damper and when it's ready we're going to pour honey in the hole. We'll show you how it's done when we get home.

That's what a Damper looks like. The bear sitting next to Wilbur couldn't get his fill of them and wanted more.

Prudence is just as we thought she would be and although she is a camp bearcelor and has loads of responsibilities she always has time for her friends.
Believe it or not, Clarissa has made some friends. She and Blossom have become besties and spend lots of time telling each other and everyone who will listen how beautiful and special they are. Sissy looks so much like Prudence but they are so different from one another. Both are a lot of fun and such wonderful tales to tell.
Sweet Pea and Wilbur have become best mates and you’d think they’ve known each other for ever.

One day some of us went hiking on one of the trails and climbed some rocks and found a bird’s nest but the birds weren’t there anymore. We gathered all sorts of neat things to use making some craft things.

They encourage us to make crafts and since we like making crafts we work on something every day. Mom, we’ve already spent our camp money so please bring more when you come to visit next weekend on Bearents Day.
We’re having fun and we miss you and the hug.
Love and kisses from your girls,
Bellamine, Clarissa and Wendy


Ascension said...

Parece que se lo estan pasando genial, tendras que llevarles algo mas dinero jejeje
besitos ascension

Linda Wildenstein said...

okay, sounds like the bearlings are having a wonderful fun filled time at camp. Making friends, learning new things, but I do have a question for either you or the bearlings.....what is a damper????? Oma Linda

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Maddyrose,

What a wonderful letter from your girls. It sounds like everybear is having a grand time.

I believe these kids have made lifelong friendships. And it sounds like Clarissa and Blossom could be twins. I am happy they found each other and have built a strong friendship.

See you next Saturday at Bearents Day.

Prudence's Mom

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I just knew my Blossom and your Clarissa would be great friends. They are like two peas in a pod. It sounds like all the bears are having a wonderful time and forming great friendships with each other.
It was a wonderful letter from your three. I enjoyed reading it.


Katy Cameron said...

We're glad to hear everyone's having a beary good time at camp!


The Clan and Jack

Kays Kids said...

I am so pleased to hear what is happening from the girls point of view. With Wilbur you never know what is exaggerated or not. I didn't hear from Wilbur about craft, I will have to see what he has done next week, when its Bearents day.

Magic Love Crow said...

Well, it sounds like the kids are having fun ;o) I wonder what kind of crafts they are making ;o) Mom better remember to bring some more money ;o)

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Hi Maddy,
Sounds like the kids are having a great time at camp!
I am looking forward for the lil' bears to teach us what a damper is. Looks like they are yummy!!

Wishing you all a great week :)


orchid said...

Dearest Maddy,
Wow, how wonderful they had such marvelous time at camp♡♡♡ Oh, they gathered all sorts of neat things to use making some crafts!!! Makes me feel really curious (*^_^*)
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear bs in America, xoxo Miyako*