Tuesday, October 16, 2012


A blogger friend of mine did a post the other day showing a tray that she had painted for Halloween. It is so cute I told her she had inspired me to paint a tray of my own. The following is what I came up with.

I've titled the painting, "A Little Witch Will Lead Them",

now I just need to decide where I want to put it. How about on the table in front of the sofa?

Maybe I'll set it on the buffet where everything else tends to end up.

While I was down loading the photos I'd taken into the computer I could hear voices in the hall outside of my studio so I went out there to investigate and this is what I found.

"We really need to do something with this silly tree. All of these hearts are creeping me out. Glenda, give it a tap with that marvelous wand you're so proud of and see if you can make the darn thing less disgusting."

"I'm with Belladonna on this. These hearts are just plain creepy. Go ahead, zap it with your wand."

"Alright. Stand back and I'll see if I can make it look a bit more like a Halloween tree."


"Well would you look at that?! The stupid wand actually works."

"But...uhh, Glenda...?? Where did all of these pumpkins come from?"

That's exactly how it happened. I didn't get a photo of the puff of smoke that appeared just before everything on the table top changed because it all happened too fast.

The enchanted tree does seem to be happier now that he has his little buddy the crow back. The tree and the crow are my sister Maggie's designs and if you would like to make an enchanted tree of your own visit her blog  Off My Rocker  where you can order the pattern.

It really feels like fall now that the temperatures have dropped and the rains have started. The leaves on my trees are still green but that will change before too much longer.  As much as I enjoy summer I'm ready to embrace some cooler weather. With the cooler weather comes other things to enjoy like baking and then there are the holidays and I do love those holidays! 

I hope you're having a good week and once again, thanks for stopping by.


Kays Kids said...

Talk about magic in you house. You have magic fingers because your tray painting is wonderful. You are so clever. Now just be careful with that wand.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Maddyrose,

Gee whiz, that sure must be some powerful wand - maybe we should call it a "witcherwand".

Is it possible that we can't see the puff of smoke cause we aren't witchy's?


Cobblestone Creations said...

I need a wand like that! Got a spare?

Looking forward to this half of the year too. :D

Bren said...

Fun post. What a great tray, such cute characters and I like how it looks on the buffet :-)

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Your tray turned out WONDERFUL!!! I love all the little trick or treater characters :)
I want a wand like that too!!!!

Have a great day!

Linda Wildenstein said...

The tray is wonderful. I love the tricks or treaters. You are amazingly talented. And as to the witches and the wand.....me thinks the enchanted tree was a good reciever for the magic the three cuties were sending because....look at the results. Wow, Halloween has officially arrived at your place.
S&S, Oma Linda

orchid said...

Dearest Maddy,
Oh, the little witch kind of reminds of me with her cuteness and the tiny size(*^_^*) Yes, wonderful idea and I am happy that I could see another sort of Halloween ornament♡♡♡
Wow, that magic wand and words DID work , I LOVE the tree(^_^)彡☆

What a sweet way to say "embrace some cooler weather"♡♡♡ It sure making me feel comfortable; God! only if I were not SO busy(^^;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear bs, xoxo Miyako*

IrelandBrady said...

Maggie Rose, your painting is utterly charming and wonderfully appealing! It would make a wonderful art print!

Marinela said...

The tray is really beautiful.Great post. Love it :)

Al the best

yoborobo said...

Maddy - that tray is beautiful! And I think I need a wand like that. There is some work that needs doing here, not to mention what I could do with my tired old self! lol! Happy Fall - there is a chill in the air here this morning! xox

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, MaddyRose:
Miss you! The tray reminds me of when I was little and trick or treated. Sweet!

LLA Creations said...

The Halloween Tray is cute and the wand I want one. Your painting is excellent!
Happy Fall:)

Mary @ Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

Oh my, what talent you have. Do you do greeting cards?

Magic Love Crow said...

Your Halloween tray is amazing! I truly love it!!! "The stupid wand actually works!" LOL! So cute! Love the tree and love the pumpkins!!! Have a great week ;o) It's nice and chilly here ;o)

Makeiteasycrafts.blogspot.com said...

This is just awesome! I love it. I really love, love, love, love it...how many times can I say I love it in one sentence without sounding like a run-on? :-)

Christel said...

gosh, love the tray Maddy, and everything actually. The wicked with is perfect! The wand works somehow! :)) XOX Christel

Katy Cameron said...

Love all the things you've been creating, glad your mojo came piling back :o)

Maggie said...

I really LOVE the tray, Maddy! All of the characters you painted on it are so cute. I'm glad to see you still decorate your Enchanted Tree. Lots of magic going on in your house.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The tray is wonderful! I know a good place for it...here at my house! heehee! And I love all of your characters...they really do come to life! It felt like Fall here today...COOL! Sweet hugs!

Mina said...

Too adorable! You know you had me at your post title. lol

I love your tray and I think it will be a hit no matter where you set it. I chucked all through the witch's conversation. You are so imaginative, though the tree's Halloween conversion does look wonderful. Have a blessed weekend, my lovely friend. Mina

Ascension said...

Hola Mady
Me encanta la bandeja que has pintado, es absolutamente preciosa!!!
Tus brujitas estan la mar de simpaticas en esa escena con ese precioso arbol, me encantannnnnnn!!!
besitos ascension

Flora said...

Looks like everyone loves to visit you, the tray is too adorable!!!


Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

We are quite impressed with that magic wand! Your tree and crow are so perfect for a spooky Halloween.

We missed posting last week so we are a little behind with what's going on with all of our friends.

We think the tray that your mom painted is wonderful! Our mama said your mom is quite the artist.

We miss all you guys! It sounds like you are going to have a great Halloween.

Hugs from
Sweet Pea, Blossom and Sissy &
our Mama too.

yoborobo said...

Just popping in to give you some Halloween hugs before we hunker down for the storm. :) Have a great week - xox!

Lisa said...

Happy Halloween, just had top pop in.