Friday, July 1, 2011


The very first thing I want to do is say thank you to Mina from Green Witch with Sprinkles for giving me yet another award. It's getting to be a habit with her. I'm starting to think she likes this blog. I'm supposed to pass the award on to five people who's blogs I follow that I feel are a ray of sunshine but can not choose just five. You are all special and are all a ray of sunshine to me. Please copy this button and display it on your side bar.

Thanks to all of you who have such enjoyable and interesting blogs. You really do add a ray of sunshine. I also want to take this time to welcome my new followers and to thank the ones who have been with me since the beginning.

Now that I've gotten the important things taken care of I'm going to introduce you to the newest member of the Santa Squad. As you can probably guess by the title of this post, there's more than likely some dogs in the bag. The reason we now have dogs showing up is because I've been thinking of my canine niece and sending healing thoughts her way. As those of you who follow my sister Marlene's blog all know, Daisy recently had surgery on her leg. She is such a happy little girl that even when her leg was bothering her she was still so full of joy. I know that she's probably keeping Marlene jumping trying to keep her from doing something to keep it from healing, hence the thoughts I've been sending her way.

So, not to drag this out any longer, here he is.

Since I've discovered black gesso I can't seem to stop myself from using it on my pieces at least in the areas of their coats. It really seems to give me the results I'm looking for.

Here's a little known fact that I'm going to share with you. Santa carries sweets in his pockets because he suffers from low blood sugar and has a sweet tooth. This time he has a ginger bread man cookie and a couple of candy canes. Two of his favorite snacks.

Here's a look at the two dogs in the bag. They are flanked by Annie and Baby Bear.

It almost looks like Baby Bear is trying to climb out of the bag. Maybe he is.  The scarf that Santa has stuffed in his pocket was an early Christmas gift from Mrs. Claus. 

I couldn't resist giving you another look at the pups. Have you ever noticed how looking at a happy puppy makes you smile even when you don't realize you're doing it? Maybe it's just me.

Now I suppose I'm going to have to put some cats in the next bag or my feline nephews are going to feel I like dogs better than cats.

I want to thank everyone who's expressed an interest in winning one of my Santa's in the contest/giveaway. There is still plenty of time to enter and come up with the guess that puts you in the bag for the main drawing. So far it's a pretty empty bag. The bag for the second drawing is getting quite full.

The clue for today is: Think Christmas, folks!!  
The item on the plate is something that you see  only at Christmas. It is edible but is not normally eaten. Does that help? Please feel free to put your guess on this post.

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the states and a Happy Canada Day for our neighbors to the north.  As always, thanks for stopping by.


The Bear's Blog said...


Cobblestone Creations said...

Oooo! Oooooo! Is it a gingerbread house?

art2cee2 said...

If its at my house its a gingerbread house...too much work to ruin it by eating your pups in his bag too!

Jan said...

I can't help but admire a Santa who packs a pup. Well done, you!

Kays Kids said...

The bones left from the turkey.?? HAA Haa.
I know it is always hard to wreck the gingerbread house. My grandkids come over and we take days to get it looking just right. Latter on in the school holidays the temtation is too great. Then there is a big smash.

The Bear's Blog said...

As Prudence would say, "I'm spent with quessing". (She is such a drama queen.)

I love this Santa, and I'll say it again, he is my favorite. Okay, so I have 145,864 of your Santa's as my favorite. (o:

Hugs, happy weekend. Is it snowing at the North Pole?

Marlene said...

Love this Santa, and the pups. Daisy sends you licks for thinking of her. She is feeling quite well, although she is not healed yet. Wish I had her attitude. Good Luck to whoever gets picked from the hat.

Kristin Dudish said...

Congratulations on your award - you definitely are a ray of sunshine! (even though your beautiful art reminds me of winter :) hee hee)

Your latest addition to the Santa squad is fantastic! (Isn't black gesso addictive?!?)

Have a Happy 4th!


p.s. I had no idea you and Marlene are sisters?!? What wonderfully artistic genes in your family!

Ascension said...

Me encanta esos cachorritos en la bolsa de Santa.
Enhorabuena por tu premio, te lo mereces.
besitos ascension

Maggie said...

Yo tambien!
I think...
I love your santa, and the three dogs. You could have titled it "Three Dog Night".
Oh, I know! A fruit cake! Nobody ever eats one of those! LOL
Love you Sis,

brendathour said...

Love your newest santa!
My guess for your give-a-way is fruitcake?

maddyrose said...

I don't normally leave a comment here as I like to answer by sending an email. There are however a few people who have responded to the contest/giveaway who have a "noreply email" return address and I can't send a reply. To you and to everyone else thanks for your interest in winning one of my Santas and thanks for visiting and leaving such kind words.


Mina said...

You are so welcome and what is not to LOVE about this blog? ;-)

I never knew that Santa was hypoglycemic and I am so proud to know that over the years I have done my part to keep his sugar up. I love this Santa and those little dogs are too sweet as is Annie and Baby Bear! Honestly, your work just makes me smile from head to toe.

Okay, as you know I am obsessed with this contest/giveaway and your last clue gave me an instant image so here goes... Is it a Gingerbread house on a plate? (Please, please, please!)

Marijke van Ooijen said...


This Santa with his back is lovely.
And I love his back with the little puppies..

Love from marijke

Heather said...

mistletoe?????! this is so fun, i can't wait to find out! this is one cute santa, too!! hope your 4th was festie. i am just returning from a long weekend, getting back to the blog world! hugs!

yoborobo said...

I love your Santa! The pups look very cozy next to Raggedy Ann. :) What is it about summer that makes me think of fall and winter, and then when it's winter, all I can think about it spring and fall! lol! Beautiful work! xox Pam

Erin Tame Designs said...