Monday, July 25, 2011

Grandmother Goose

This is the third witch that I've created since going over to the dark side. I started her at the same time as I did the other two. The idea I had at the time I started the three was to make the witches and then go back to sculpting Santa figures.

Since then I've gotten carried away creating these little magickal beings and have started four other creatures of the night. They're not witches but something else.

I don't know if I feel like going back to the place where it's Christmas year round. What can I say? I'm having fun and something has gotten a hold on me. I've even taken to watching movies like, "Practical Magic" and "Hocus Pocus" and "the Witches of Eastwick". Does anyone have suggestions for other good movies along these lines?

This latest witch I have named Minerva. She has spent the day in the herb garden where I found her earlier and asked permission to take some pictures for this post. Here she is with her pet goose Winnie.

As you can see, the sun is much brighter today. I can't seem to catch a break. It's either too dark or too bright for picture taking. The jack-o-lantern at her feet was made by my sister's really cute.

Minerva is wearing a gown of dark blue topped with a black cloak lined in a deep shimmering green. Her hat is made to look like leather of the darkest brown/black. The hat band is moss. Winnie has snowy white feathers and a black bill.

Minerva's hair is pulled to the back of her head and fashioned into a large coiled bun.

She seems to like my herb garden and would probably like nothing better than stay there, but I'm afraid that she wouldn't continue looking her best if I left her there. Even sealed, things made from paper mache are not meant to be used as outdoor decorations.

When I took this picture I asked Minerva if she would mind coming into the house so I could take a few more photos. I'm not going to repeat her answer as I don't say words like that. I had to coax her by offering to make her a cup of tea and promised to introduce her to a unmarried wizard by the name of Balthazar.

I really have got to get a light box built for taking my photos. These photos don't even begin to capture her beautiful coloring.

Minerva is going to get along great with the Crone and Ginger. They've just met and seem to have hit it off. I can hear them cackling while I'm writing this.

This little figure is made entirely or paper mache clay and is painted with many layers of thinned acrylic paint and sealed with matte acrylic varnish. She and the other magickal creatures are now in my new shop located as a stand alone page on this blog.

To celebrate the opening of my new shop, there will be a 10% off sale on everything in my two blog shops, North Pole Gift Shop and The Magick Shop,  starting today and continuing until the end of the month.

Just a reminder that the drawing for the Santa made by Maggie from Off My Rocker is happening at the end of this month. If you haven't entered to win the Santa there is still a few days left so hurry over and get entered. I have seen this Santa and held him and would love to win him, so I have to ask myself why am I sending you over???  

I hope you enjoyed meeting Minerva and as always........
thanks for stopping by.


The Bear's Blog said...

A very cute story. Minerva looks like nice witch and her pet goose is just too cute for words.


Kays Kids said...

She certainly looks a friendly witch.

Ascension said...

Me ha encantado la historia, la brujita y esas preciosas calabazas.
besitos ascension

Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

What fun...enjoying your magical figures!!! You are so creative with both your creations and your writing!

yoborobo said...

Minerva is charming, and I love that she has a pet goose. :) Two of my favorite Halloween movies are Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus. :) xox Pam

Diny said...

Minerva is a real herb-witch.
I'm sure she just knows a lot about herbs and how to use them...LOL
When I look in her eyes I also think she have lots of fun with her sisterwitch Ginger.
The crone has to keep an eye on them!
Your witches are just great.

At the moment I don't know any movies but I do know some books
The books of Terry Pratchett
I just love to read them, they are so funny.
Your witches could be playing in this stories....
I think it will give you lots of inspiration
Greetings, Diny

Carrie'sCreations said...

She's just fabulous!! Harry Potter is always good to watch. I loved the scene, I think in the first one where the pumpkins are all hovering above the tables.

Leola - Southshoreartist said...

I love her...she looks like she's very mischievious!

Heather said...

she has a delightful expression!!! I like what I am seeing...
thank you for all of your kinds comments - i have been traveling a lot lately - and am back and have enjoyed my visit here today! keep up the good work! xo

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh my goodness, I am in love. Minerva is, well too wonderful. And I am thrilled that the magickal ones have enticed the writer girl to come out and play....I love it. Perhaps we should do a duet with Minerva and Ms. Baggs.
I know this is probably a crazy thought but have your watched the Harry Potters? Or better yet read the books? Now it is full of all sorts of magicakl beings that would be super modelings for your beautiful work.
Great job darling girl, Linda

Leny said...

Love this new witch,really gorgeous!


maddyrose said...

Thanks for all of the marvelous suggestions. I have tried to answer you individually but am unable to answer some. I am really surprized by the reception these little magickal beings have been given. It's a departure from my norm and I was not sure if they would be accepted or appreciated but now I am wondering why I didn't do this earlier. Thank you all for being so generous with your comments. You are the best!!!
Best wishes and hugs to you all.

Katy Cameron said...

3 witches? Cool, now you can stage Macbeth lol

Maggie said...

I love Minerva the most of the three witchy girls. She has a wonderful face, and the prettiest hair color, too! Your photo turned out really well this time. Hugs

Marlene said...

Good Morning Sis, Daisy sends her love. Minerva is adorable, if an old witch can be adorable. Her eyes really are very kind. Love her goose as well and Maggie did do a great job on that pumpkin.

Crystal Cook said...

She is awesome! I love these witches, and can't wait to see the rest of your Magick creatures. I'm getting really excited for Halloween now. :) And of course you know I have to suggest Harry Potter, just went to see the last movie and loved it!

Sunshineshelle said...

Magic x 3 = AWESOME!!!

art2cee2 said...

Very nice! I just love the movie "hocus Pocus" and watch it every year! :-)

Yael Assia said...

She's my favorite i guess :) I absolutly love teh way you tell her story and also your silent or non silent "dialogues". Please say hello from France to Minerva !)

Mina said...

Minerva is such a delightful little witch and I love Winnie. Oh I just cannot tell you I have any favorite parts, for Miss MaddyRose, I love everything about her. Her facial expression, the moss that trims her hat, her lovely coiled bun and the chosen colors.

I could see her and Winnie spending hours conjuring in the garden before going in to confer with the Crone and Ginger. And I am certain the 3 also have "girl talk" about Balthazar. ;-)

The stories you create to go with these characters are magical in themselves. You could create wonderful children's books. Wishing you many wonders in the coming week, my darling friend. Hugs, Mina

Kristin Dudish said...

Minerva is a beauty (and I love her goose)!

I hope she and Balthazar really hit it off ;)


Patricia Cabrera said...

Oh Gosh!!! I love this!*grin*