Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oil Pastels, Just Add Water

Just a quick update on my progress with the dreaded pastels. I pulled some water color paper from my stash and worked on another witch this morning. I think my goal is to do as many Halloween related painting and sketches as time permits until the end of October.

The paper I used for this witch is smaller, 9" x 12" where as  I used 11" x 14" for the others. I think I like the ability to blend the colors and smooth them with the water but since this is only the first piece I may be premature with my enthusiasm so I should  probably hold off before I make any more comments.

This is Zelda's glamour shot. She's even wearing a touch of lipstick and has combed her hair.

This is Bertha the witch I sketched yesterday on paper that I couldn't use water so the blending was done with a stomp. I think I like the way Zelda's hair turned out better. What do you think? Do you like the dry method or do you prefer the water blending?

Well that was short, wasn't it? I'll be posting more of the sketches and paintings as I complete them. I'm thinking of framing a few of them to decorate with for Halloween.

Remember, the winner of the pencil drawing of the Practical Magic house will be announced at noon my time on October first so check back for that and as always, thanks for stopping by.


romance-of-roses said...

Oh my, you are an excellent artist. Wow! you do fabulous work, congratulations. Thank you for visiting. Blessings...Lu

Katy Cameron said...

I'm voting for the water, it looks softer somehow

orchid said...

Oh, Maddy my friend.
I love all of your works!!!
You are humbly commenting for your works, but I really AM looking forward to enjoying your art work for Halloween♬♬♬
Hugs to you and wishing you lovely week end, Orchid*

Ascension said...

Mddy, siento mucho no haberte visitado antes y haberme perdido esas fantasticas pnturas.
Eres una mujer con mucho talento, felicidades.
besitos ascension

Mina said...

I think both of these ladies are glamor girls!