Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Plot or Not

"Look Bellamine, Sebastian is having another adventure. Here he is with Cinderella and Snow White and Belle and Rapunzel & Flynn. I wonder where he is.  He is one lucky bear to have so many exciting adventures."

"Why don't we have exciting adventures Wendy? We never get to go anywhere.  We never get to have any fun. All of the other bears get to do things. Remember when we met Prudence? She had just come back from Camp Good Bear. Mom didn't let us go to camp. Remember when Wilbur was on TV and Mom wouldn't let us watch him?"

"You weren't even put together when Prudence went off to camp so of course you couldn't go. Lulu and Flora didn't get to go either because they're too little. We didn't get to watch Wilbur on TV because we don't get that station here.  We get to do all sorts of fun stuff."

"No we don't. I can't think of anything fun that we get to do. Mom won't even let me have my own blog. All of the other bears have blogs. We don't ever have any fun. Waaaa...."

"We do too have fun. Don't you remember when we went to play with the snow kids and we built a snow fort? Wasn't that fun? You like it when we get to visit the reindeer, don't you? How many bears do you think get to feed real live reindeer? There's probably not very many aside from us."

"Hey, what are you looking at? Didn't Mom tell you to turn off the computer and help us put things away?"

"Isn't that Sebastian with Cinderella? Ugh!! Bartholomew, scoot over. You're squishing me." 

"You're squishing me, Clarissa. Both of you move over and give me some room here."

"We can't see the monitor Wendy. You and Bellamine need to move over and make room for us too or I'm telling Mom you didn't put the computer away."

"Don't be a Tattle Tale, Clarissa. Here, is this better? Bellamine, scroll down and see who else Sebastian got his picture taken with."

"Whoa, is that Snow White? Oh look, there's Belle. Oh, she's so beautiful. Hey, there's Rapunzel and Flynn. Remember when we saw their movie?"

"Should we leave a comment Wendy? Let's see who else left comments. Look, there's one from Prudence. Hey, there's Wilbur's granny. Wendy, write something."

"What's going on in here? I thought I told you to put the computer away and pick up your room. You're not still reading your blog list are you?"

"Huh..hi Mom. We're leaving a comment for Sebastian. He just had another adventure. Look, he got his picture taken with some really famous people. See the crown he's wearing in this picture and see, here he is with Tinker Bell and there he is with Peter Pan."

"Go ahead and leave a comment but do it quickly. Santa and Mrs. Claus are coming for dinner tonight and I'll need someone to set the table."

Mom: For a minute there I thought they were plotting on ways to convince me into letting Bellamine have her own blog. Now, that's a subject I don't want to revisit.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh this is precious...hands down adorable. Love it, love them. Awwww come on let Bellamine have her own blog....pleeeeeeese. Oma Linda

The Bear's Blog said...

Oh Miss Maddyrose - let's "revisit" that subject. (o: Come on, Bellamine & Wendy NEED their own Blog. They wouldn't be bothering you so much.

Hm, let me think: Sebastian, Wil, Wilbur, Jack, Dot, The Clan, Abby, The Elves, Little Ted,and the puppy & kitty blogs - did I forget anybeary? They have their own Blog.

Okay, so Santa and Mrs Santa are coming over for dinner - oh wait, I have an idea....oh this is good - whisper to Santa that you are such good bears and that you would love to have your own Blog. That should do it....

Keep me posted.

Heaps of Hugs

Kays Kids said...

Well I think all you kids do exciting things, Not many people would have Santa and Mrs. Santa to dinner. I would love to come, May be I would whisper in Santa's ear I want a lap top of my own, so I can write blog's all the time.
Don't worry about me being on Telli. You know us film stars are either in work or out. I'm out at the moment.
Hugs Wilbur.

Katy Cameron said...

There's a whole load of furry little paws on furry little hips here in indignation at the whole idea that Bellamine might be denied a blog, I mean really, how could you?!!!

The Clan & Jack

orchid said...

Dear Maddyrose,
Oh, sweet and lovely story♬♬♬ 
Yes, please "revisit" that subject.
And, thank you for the pictures of adorable babies of yours♡♡♡
Wow, and I have noticed that blogger did something for the pictures♪♪♪
Hugs to you, Orchid*

Leola - Southshoreartist said...

My vote is for Bellamine's own blog too!!!!!

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Maddyrose,

All I have to say is that we bears "stick" together and it isn't because of the peanut butter & honey that we have all over our paws. (Giggle)

It's revisit that issue.


Don't ya just love the trouble I cause? (o:


Cobblestone Creations said...

You are having WAAAAAAAAY too much fun ~ Love it! :D

art2cee2 said...

Fun post! :)

Crystal Cook said...

SO great maddy! I ADORE this. :) Those bears are so cute, you should paint them in a scene of mischief making. :D

ger chouinard said...

Maddy Rose ... you REALLY need to write and illustrate children's books. Very sweet story! Amazing imagination! Thx for the visit & happy PPF!

Ascension said...

Son tan adorables!!!!
Me encanta leer tus relatos.
Felizfin de semana
besitos ascension

Mina said...

LOL! This is too precious! Please do reconsider about Bellamine having her own blog. How fun would that be??? You are such an amazing artist and writer, my dear sweet friend.

Maggie said...

LOL, this is very cute, Maddy. I think Bellamine needs her own blog, too. What a fun post.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... cute! Abby needs to post on her private blog. She is mad at me right now..
What cute, cute bears...Oops! Now I'm in trouble. She thinks she is the ONLY bear in the world where I am concerned. Shhh...they really are so darned cute!!!

Diny said...

Lovely story!
Thats an other gift make stories whit pictures, You can do it....

yoborobo said...

I do love those bears. :) Did you ever have storybooks when you were little with pics of stuffed bears in them? Yours would be adorable! xo Pam

art2cee2 said...

Fun post! :-)

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Wow, your 4 little sculptures are fantastic! I was surprised by painting as well. You are one talented woman. Enjoyed your Practical Magic post. Great job!