Friday, March 2, 2012


Hi Friends,

It's just me, Bellamine. I'm writing this post all on my own cause Wendy and most of our hug have beary bad colds or maybe the bear flooze. Mom might be getting it now too, but not the bear kind. Maybe it's going to be my turn next. I hope not cause then who would take care of all of us? I hope they all get better soon cause they cough all night and keep us all awake.

Here's what they've been doing all week. Just laying in bed with the covers pulled up and the boxes of tissues close by. Mom got the wrong flavor of cough drops. She was supposed to get the Honey ones but got the ones called "Mountain Menthol" instead. She said she would get the other kind the next trip out to the market but now that she's getting sick too I guess there won't be another trip for awhile. I like the way the cough drops smell and I like the smell of the other stuff in the jar called "Vicks VapoRub". It's supposed to help you breath when you have a stuffed up nose and Wendy says it feels good when Mom rubs it on her neck.

.......and this is what I've been doing. I've been reading, "the Great Book of Amber" also called, "The Complete Amber Chronicles, 1-10". There are 1258 pages in this book and it is really heavy. We're almost to the exact middle of the book. That's a lot of reading for one bear if you want to know what I think. Sometimes I have trouble with the really hard words and I have to spell them and then Wendy or Booker will tell me what it is. I'm getting better at reading out loud after reading 618 pages all by my self. Have any of you read the Amber Chronicles? I think Mom said our aunt Maggie gave us this book a long time ago.

Mom said that out in the hallway with the door to our room closed, it sounds like a bunch of yipping pups in here with every bear coughing. Speaking of pups, Vinnie didn't get sick either. 

Until every last one of them has stopped coughing and sneezing and there are no more temperatures and runny noses, I'll be sleeping at the other end of the bed or in with one of the dolls. I don't want to get sick. I don't care if I can have all of the tea and honey I want. I don't care about the special muffins or the broth and all of the juice I can drink. I don't want to get this cold!! I don't want bear flooze  flu. Mom just corrected me. She's up now  and came in to check on us. It's really early and still dark out but no one can sleep with all of this coughing noise. "Hey Rudy, cover your mouth when you cough!!!!"

When everyone has gone back to sleep I'm going to go get myself a cup of hot chocolate and then I'm going blog hopping to see what our friends are up to.

Until next Friday, this is Bellamine saying have a great weekend.

Hugs from the North Pole Bear Clan
(If you're not afraid of catching something)


The Bear's Blog said...

Oh no, not the Bear Flooze? Oh, I am so beary sorry everybeary is down with the nasties.

Be careful, Bellamine, you don't want to get sick. You and Vinnie have to be the "special bear/puppy nurse now and take care of everybeary.

Heaps of Hugs

Jan Conwell said...

That picture of her reading to them is so cute!

yoborobo said...

The Bear Flu? Oh no! Well, I hope everyone is better soon. :) Love the picture of everyone in bed - too cute! xox

Katy Cameron said...

Oh man, you want to avoid the bear flooze at ALL costs Bellamine! You stay down at the other end of that bed away from those sneezy bears. We hope you don't lose your voice reading aloud to them all though, remember honey's really good to coat your throat and protect it, so you need to up your consumption, just in case!

Hope the sickies feel better soon


The Clan and Jack

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Uh oh. you guys have the Bear Flooze? We had flooze shots in our tooshies awhile ago so we hope we don't get it!

It looks like your mom is taking such good care of all of you. Poor mom she doesn't feel well and has all of you to take care of. Bellamine you and the puppy will have to take over and be good helpers. It's so nice that you are reading to the sick ones.

We hope everybear and mom get well soon!

Sissy Bear,Sweet Pea and Blossom

Leny said...

Awww poor bears...all with flu.
Be better soon!!!

Big bear Hugs,

Ascension said...

Espero que se recuperen pronto esos ositos jejeje
De momento hacen una bella estampa en la cama, seguro que el cuento les anima.
besitos ascension

Linda in New Mexico said...

The bear flooze is a terrible sickness to have to live through. Your Momma is right when she suggested's the bestest for being able to breath. Listen to Momma, drink lots of fluids, stay warm and get better soon.
And since Momma is getting the flooze little bears chip in and help make her feel better too. Sending you beary tight ((hugs)), your Oma Linda

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Bellamine:
I'm so glad you aren't sick with a cold or the bear flooze.
You're such a big girl reading that huge book.
You take care and I hope you enjoy all the hot cocoa your mom can make you. Tell Mom I hope she gets better real fast.

Maggie said...

Hey, Bellamine, try not to catch the flooze. And tell your mom to take care of herself. LOL, I think she's lost her grip on reality...

Now I remember what happened to that book. I hope you like it, I really did. But it's been so long since I read it that I might have to borrow it back and read it again.
Auntie M

PEA said...

Oh noooo, not the dreaded Bear Flooze?? You better be careful, Bellamine, to not catch it from all the others. You are such a good kind bear, though, to read them all a story while they're sick in bed. Mama Pea says we need to get the Flooze shot soon, she said she made an appointment with the doctor for us...we're kinda scared of the big needle:-( Tell everyone to get better real soon from us!! Lots of love and beary hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo

Mary @ Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

Oh, no!! Not the Fun Friday Post I was looking forward to...the bear flooze! Hope Momma feels better soon!

Kays Kids said...

My oh my Belamine, I think you need a mask like nurses do when you are close to those sneezy, coughy, spluttery bears. Don't get a teeny weeny bit of bear flooze. Is yoour throat getting soar from all that reading. May be it will put them to sleep so you won't have to read to long.
Keep well Mum we don't want you to be all sneezy.

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

That's so nice of you Belamine to take care of everyone and read them stories. Take care and not get it and hope everyone including Mama feels better soon!!!

Sweet Bear Creek Whims said...

I hope all of you are better real soon. I can't catch this flu through the computer screen can I?? LOL

orchid said...

Oh!!! Dearest Bellamine,

I really am sorry for all the lovely bear family. Please try not you won't catch the "flooze", you are saying. I think it meand cold, does it! But you have a caring heart♡♡♡
Please do not push yourself for anything and Take Care of Yourself☆☆☆
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

Mina said...

Oh no, Bellamine! I am so sorry that all of your sweet bear family is sick and especially that your poor mom is catching is too. You all take good care of one another and I am hugging you right back - I am not at all afraid of any germs. ;-) Give mom a super warm hug filled with healing wishes from her friend Mina.