Saturday, May 7, 2011

Are stripes really slimming?

This is the Santa that I said I was working on in tandem with the two previous ones I posted. As before, the colors of his clothing are darker and muted. I went with stripes again as I’ve heard that if worn vertically they are slimming and make the wearer appear taller. Since this guy is about 12” I figured he could use all the help he could get.

Here he is, teddy bear in one hand and the smallest of trees in the other.

From this angle you can almost see the tree. Only kidding. It actually looks bigger shot from this angle.


This is a better angle to view the teddy bear. Hey, Prudence, what do you think? Can he come to visit you at the Bears Blog?
I haven’t been putting all my time and energy into sculpting this week. It seems that I tend to be just a tad obsessive when I do things. Not just some things, but everything. For example, I collect DVDs, and have been known to purchase 12 in one week. Not just once either. Then there are the paperback novels. I have over 800 books packed in containers sitting in my studio. I have three closets full of clothes, I have two pantries filled with food and I have two freezers filled to capacity…….Get the picture? I can’t seem to do anything in moderation. I also don’t spend much time sleeping so I have more waking hours to fill, and for four months now I’ve been spending from 10 to 15 hours each and every day working with my paper mache clay.
This would not be such a problem except for the fact this medium can be very hard on your hands. I try to do most of my sculpting with tools but do get it on my hands and believe me; it is very drying, not to mention hard to remove once it’s dried. Another thing about working with this medium, it becomes very hard. In addition to the sculpting tools I also use files and sand paper when working on my pieces. I’ve worn out one set of diamond files and am now in the process of wearing out a second set. I’ve also worn out my hands.
For a while now I’ve been experiencing problems with my hands. When I went with my sister to the coast I’d hoped that giving my hands a rest for a few days would help. It seems I have developed tendonitis in my ring finger and thumb on my right hand.  I’ve had tendonitis in the thumb before but not the ring finger. Having the two acting up at the same time has had me cut back on my hours like nothing else could.
I was feeling bummed out but some marvelous things have happened to me this week that have lifted my spirits and helped me through this latest development.
First thing that was unexpected and smile bringing was I won in The Olde Bagg’s: All things OZ giveaway.  I couldn’t believe it. I won something and not just any old something either. I won Oz Pez dispensers. When they get here I’ll photograph them so I can show them to you.
The next thing to happen was I went from having 12 followers to having 24 followers in a matter of days. Wow! Is that cool or what? These are really wonderful followers too. They have helped me out of the funk I was in and I want to say a big thank you to all of them and to all of the rest of you.
Then, another wonderful thing happened. I became a great-great aunt to the sweetest little boy thanks to my great niece Jordan. She is such a sweet heart and I know this little guy is going to be just as sweet as his mom. Happy Mother's day Jordan.
The latest thing is that an artist that I admire greatly spent several hours sitting with me in my studio yesterday praising my work. He could not stop complimenting my little guys and gals. I could feel myself getting all puffed up. I hope he knows how much he helped this old gal feel better about the way things have been lately. If my hands have to fail me at least I got something good out of them first.
So, I’ll continue blogging and will sculpt when I can, but will try to control my obsessive nature and do it in moderation. I may also try working in other mediums when I can’t sculpt. I just bought some oil pastels that I watched Marlene work with and since they were new to me and something I didn’t have, of course I had to get them.
Thanks for stopping by.


The Bear's Blog said...

You are amazing.

It doesn't get any better: Christmas, Santa, teddy bears, Christmas trees. (o:

Santa looks perfect - not too thin, not to chubby. Just right.

Yes, you are quite an artist. You have great talent.


Linda in New Mexico said...

You are amazing. That many hours spent doing what you love, means you are also blessed. I had a friend one time tell me my "I don't want to run out of anything" mentality had another name but she loved me and congratulated me on my "collections" tee hee. That's why I am spending hours going through what possesses me and destashing on my Etsy.
As far as your betcha...tell your people I would like that June or July Santa extravaganza to share with even more "fans to be". Happy Mother's Day. XOXO Linda

Marlene said...

Hey Sis, he is amazing and just the right size. How are you doing with the oil pastels? Fun huh. Now I am curious as to who your artist friend is, anyone I know?

Heather said...

Oh i love that little christmas tree. of course santa is holding a cute! Your santas are exactly how i picture him!
Sorry to hear about your hand. Big hugs to you! xo Congrats on all of the hew followers. It's a delight to visit and see your work!

Katy Cameron said...

Slimming stripes? The very idea with santa!

Sorry about the tendonitis though, I have a lot of joint issues, which really just get in the way at the most annoying times, I mean we have to create right?! Hope you're feeling better soon anyway.


Maggie said...

I hope your hands are starting to feel better, Maddy. I told you you were consumed by this hobby! Or obsessed, or compelled, or something like that...
I love this Santa, I like this new style a lot!
Congratulations on winning the Oz pez dispensers. I want to see them!
And, who is this mysterious artist that was at your house? Hmmm??? Inquiring sisters want to know. :-)

Wanda said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my Art Blog...not sure how you found me, but I'm sure glad I found you.

Your Santa's are just adorable, huggable and whimsical.

You are most talented, and Santa would be so proud of you.

I'll be back...I keeping you as a favorite.

Jan said...

Your new Santa is so cute, I like the bow tie in his beard. Sorry you are having the tendonitis, hope your work slow down helps it. Sounds like you have had some fun and good things happening lately, that always cheers a person up. I look forward to seeing what you do with the oil pastels.

ger chouinard said...

Girl you need to take a breath ... and take care of you! You have sculpted some amazing litlle men ... Santa men! You need to take care of those hands ... I do think it'a all about balance. It's hard but we have to have balance. Congrats on the good stuff happening to you. Try Merino Lanolin Skin Creme on your hands ... it's worked wonders for me. Happy PPF (early Sunday a.m.)

art2cee2 said...

Actually I do think the stripes here are rather slimming! I think I would love whether he had stripes vertical, horizontal, or none at all!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

i know what u mean abot obsessing. i started w a small craft area and now i have a studio and half our basement. now i have to pack up my entire house and dont no where to start.
thanks for stopping by my blog

Mina said...

I do think stripes can be slimming but I love my Santa fat and sassy. ;-)

I'm so sorry to hear about your hands. I know how painful that can be. This may sound so simple, but when my joints act up I like to soak in salt water and it actually pulls the inflammation and toxins out giving me some soothing relief. Of course, you still need to rest them.

Congratulations on your additional followers, though it does not at all surprise me. Your blog is always a pleasure to visit!