Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why I Prefer Santa

Recently someone told me that I should make a Mrs. Claus. I did make one back in the middle of March, but haven’t gotten around to posting her. She was the first female sculpture I created if you don’t include the snow people.
I haven’t made a second Mrs. Claus as I’m not sure if people are interest enough in the wife of Santa to want to purchase her. When I decided to make this figure I had thought of all the ways I could make her. She could be working in the kitchen baking ginger bread cookies. I could have her holding a cookie sheet with the cookies she’d just taken from the oven, or have her mixing the dough. Maybe I could have her sewing clothes for the dolls or making teddy bears. I had so many ideas of what she could be doing but decided I’d give her a day off from work and dress her up in her out doors clothing and send her out for a walk.
When sculpting Santa there’s this wonderful beard and everyone expects him to be plump. With Mrs. Claus there is no beard to hide the double chin or the lines around the mouth and being female she would worry about looking too plump. See the problems this causes? Females are just so complicated, aren’t we?
Since I’ve made three female figures and you’ve already met two of them it’s only fair that Mrs. Claus gets her turn at a post.  If you decide to leave a comment please do not spare my feelings and be honest as to whether or not I should pursue making another Mrs.

Someone recently said something to the effect that my figures look something like me. Let me make something very clear. I look nothing like this. Really. I look terrible in red.

If you compare a profile photo of Mrs. Claus to Santa you will see they have the same physique.

Does this dress make my hips look wide? I just had to say that. Sorry.

Here are all three of my little ladies.  I know their colors don't work well together and for some reason the perspective is skewed. 

Now that you've had a chance to see what a Mrs. Claus would look like, would you make another? Let me know and like I said, be honest.

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Linda in New Mexico said...

I think Mrs. Claus is a beauty and if she resembles you then yay for you. Each of you characters, male or female have a bit of whimsy and guile to them. I think Mrs. Claus is glad for a day away from the noise of the elfs and let's face it, we all need some non testosterone time.

Heather said...

YAY! So happy to see the head of the Claus household. I like the one inthe middle in the bottom picture...she's got the cutest face!
I would definitely say go for it...i mean women are behind all of the magic of men anyway, right??? hee hee!

Joanna said...

Mrs.Claus is absolutely fabulous!

Jan said...

I have had the pleasure of meeting you and must say you look nothing like your Mrs. Claus, other than that you are both attractive. You should make what you love making and once you start trying to sell them, you will discover if people want to buy the Mrs. or not.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Maddyrose,

Well, where would Santa be without the Mrs.? We love the ladies, my favorite is the the Mrs. in the red & green coat (Christmas colors are always my favorite).

Heaps of Hugs,

art2cee2 said...

I think her face is wonderful. She is a perfect mate for Santa and yes, yes yes I think you should make them pairs. After all Mrs. Santa is mature, she is not a teenager who is obsesses about her looks! She is secure in her beauty and yes she is beautiful :-)

Maggie said...

She is lovely! I couldn't agree with all of the above more. Santa needs his Mrs.!

Katy Cameron said...

Interestingly, in the UK Mrs Claus doesn't rate a mention, we only seem to hear of her in American films and things, so hey, we won't notice if you only do Santa ;o)

Kays Kids said...

The Mrs. Claus that is in the middle has the kindest face, she looks so welcoming, and I'm sure she would look after Santa very well.

Mina said...

I love your Mrs. Clause! She is everything I would want my fat and sassy Santa to love in a woman. They are the storybook grandparents, elders that all people look up to and love. I certainly hope you will continue creating anything that you desire for your care just shines through your work. Providing of course, that your hands are not hurting or swollen.

Diny said...

I really love your Mrs. Claus!
I would like to have one of them too.........
Greetings, Diny

ger chouinard said...

Mrs. Claus is Splendid! You just keep getting better and better ... she looks like she is lovingly gazing with amazement at 'her man'. She is proportionately perfect! LOVE the shawl ... I kinda have one just like that. Lovely (and tough) character to capture ... you did it very well!