Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

I wasn't sure if I wanted to call this one, "Santa and the bag from Oz" or "The bag crammed way too full." I got just a wee bit carried away when I was making the toys for this bag and put a whole bunch of them in there. Since the recent bag down sizing we've undergone to make shopping for mailing boxes easier, five toys poking out of the top of the bag makes for a really snug fit.

The day I was working on the bag I decided to take a break and call Maggie. During the conversation I told her how I had a lion and a bear in the current bag and she came back with, "A lion and tiger and bear..oh my,"  so I ended up with a lion and tiger and bear in the same bag. Originally I was going to have a goblin doll instead of the tiger. I think I really needed that break or we may have had the first goblin to go into the bag.

This guy was painted in much the same way as the last one. I used black gesso under the coat and boots. The color pallet I used is based on the red and green Christmas color theme but with a twist. I used terra cotta for my red and Italian Sage and rain forest green in the patchwork with Avocado green for the main part of the coat. The hat is terra cotta and the bag is russet. The coat is buttoned with large antique gold buttons.

The coat has patch pockets at either side. In the right pocket Santa keeps the candy canes that he places in the stockings. I believe the other pocket holds a hanky to wipe his hands with.

I've noticed the colors never come out quite the same in the photos. I'm not sure if it's the flash adding more light that makes everything just a bit lighter and flatter than in real life.

The doll at Santa's right shoulder is the first boy doll I've put into the bag because as everyone knows, boy dolls are more rare. This Santa puts the doll population ahead by one. You know what that means, right?

Just a reminder. Don't forget to enter the contest/giveaway that is going on right now.  One thing I failed to mention in the post about the giveaway is you can enter as many times as you wish to. Just leave me a comment with your guess as to what Santa is holding in his hands. So far no one has guessed correctly, so the entries will be placed into the second drawing. The prize for that drawing is going to be nice too, but I really need some good guesses here people.

Maybe I need to give a clue each post to help everyone. I really do want to give that Santa away so what do you think? Do you want a clue?

Okay, here's a clue:

It is not a bear or a doll or a bird. It is not cocoa and cookies but that's the closest guess yet.  Does that help?

Hope you enjoyed seeing the newest member of the Santa Squad. As always, thanks for stopping by.


Diny said...

This Santa is really nice,,,,Boy I have to safe money....
I entered the give away contest and I think.....I hope....
Greetings, Diny

Maggie said...

This Santa is adorable! I love the colors of his cloak and bag. I think I know, he's going to be holding a plate of cookies!!!

Dawn in the Forest said...

He's wonderful:)

art2cee2 said...

I love all your Santas and I guess I should try and guess what Santa is holding. Ok, let it be known that I stink at guessing games, so I wouldn't bet my life on this answer but anyway here goes...I think he would look adorable holding a mini Christmas tree, but thats just me. My hubby would be happy as punch if he was holding a toy airplane...:-)

Crystal Cook said...

I adore your Santas! Every time I stop at your blog I leave feeling happier than before. Christmas spirit at work I guess. :) I really like the colors here, the sage green gives him an old world feel that I like a lot. And yes I want a clue! Because I would LOVE to win your Santa!

Ascension said...

Te ha quedado fantastico, enhorabuena!!
besitos ascension

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Maddyrose,

I love this Santa. Of course I say that abut all of them. (o:

Okay, I'm going to the giveaway post with a second guess. I wish Prudence was here, she is very good at guessing.


Marijke van Ooijen said...

Dear Maddy Rose,

This Santa is so cute..
The color of his coat is beautiful..And his bag is amazing!
Give hime a big hug from me..

Love Marijke

Oberon's Wood said...

Oh My...Maddy, have I missed Summer and Autumn and just dived straight into Winter!
How delicious...I may have to camp here...I love cold weather!
I think he may be holding a skunk ;o)
Not really...maybe a snowman...but that would be tricky....mmmm
How about a carrot for the reindeer?
He he he he he never ask a Piscean for an answer ;o)

The Bear's Blog said...

Okay, as you requested I called the girls at camp. Now remember, Prudence is a big cheat. But not seeing Santa she & Sissy have to guess blind.

Their guess is - honey & peanut butter snacks.

Oh gee, can you believe that they think it's honey & peanut butter? Sometimes they embarrass me. LIKE NOW!

And... Prudence sends you this message: "Hi Miss Maddyrose, okay just send the Santa - we win!!!!"

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence & Sissy

The Bear's Blog said...

Prudence is driving me crazy with phone calls - have to re-think giving her my cell phone next year.

She says "candy canes".

Mina said...

I love this Santa and all of the wonderful treasures in his bag! Wow! Such a fabulous extra touch to add the candy canes in his pocket. So very sweet.

Okay, I am over for another guess. Hmmm...

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Maddyrose.
I just wanted to stop by and thank you for you dear comment on my blog. How kind of you!

About the little Santa Claus.
I am supposing that the guess is something you are GOING to put in his hands. A heart? A sweet little heart?
Probably would look sweet.
I love Santa's..I have a tiny collection started and this would be such a joy to add.
Again...thank you for your comment.

Lisa said...

I love him, Maddy! I was reading the giveaway post, and I'm stumped on what he's holding, but I'd love to find out! So I'm going over that post with a fine tooth comb!
Hey, Maddy, thanks for stopping by, and your comment on the dresser.
Sorry I haven't been by, just kick me!

you have a great weekend.

Leny said...

I simply love him Maddy!!

Big hugs,

Heather said...

love the candy canes in his picket!
hmmm? im not good at guessing, either? how about COFFEE, hee!!!! ( you know I love my Starbucks)
have a great friday