Thursday, June 9, 2011


Do you remember the Nossie? That’s right, it rhymes with Mossy. In case you missed it, or don’t remember let me give you a little refresher on the story behind this unique group of gift-bringers.

The Nossie are from a realm referred to as Not Quite Middle Earth which is a week's journey by donkey cart North-Northeast of the outer borders of Middle Earth.  Unlike our Santa who can deliver gifts to all of the children in just one night, it takes many Nossie to deliver the gifts on the eve of All Children's Day which coincides with the winter solstice.

This will help you recognize a Nosse in case you ever get the chance to see one:

1. On the average, a Nosse is less than four feet tall.

2. From all accounts Nossie are very vane about their appearance and insist on wearing richly decorated robes when making their deliveries.
These robes are embroidered with threads spun from real gold, and fine jewels are worked into intricate patterns and all in all these robes can be very heavy.
Wearing such robes can be exhausting, but a Nosse wouldn't think of being caught making his rounds wearing anything less.

3. As a rule Nossie are not in the least bit graceful and often trip over their own feet which can be as long as 1/3 third their height.
Also found in the reference concerning Nossie anatomy was the old saying, "He has two left feet" which was made after seeing a Nosse without his boots.

4. It is easy to recognize a Nosse by his very distinctive features which consist of larger than average eyes and nose and a beard hanging nearly to his feet.

5. Although it is sometimes said that a Nosse is all thumbs, that is not quite true as Nossie have only two thumbs per hand.
Despite having two thumbs per hand the Nossie are very talented toy makers.

What I failed to mention before is the Nossie are also a gentle race of people and love all living creatures.  You will never see a Nosse swat a fly or purposely step on a bug. They go out of their way to show kindness to all living things.

Today I am introducing you to Shelby Nosse and am going to tell you what I know about him. 

Shelby works all day every day in the toy factory set in the middle of the woods. He and the other Nossie work 360 days a year making toys. He loves making toys and is very good at it. His teddy bears are some of the best to come out of the toy factory. 

The foreman of the factory insists the Nossie take their breaks as test results shows that productivity is improved when this practice is adhered to. Unlike some of the other Nossie who like to hang out in the break room swapping stories, Shelby likes to take walks in the woods on his breaks.

This day he is not alone as he is accompanied by three little mice he's made friends with. When it is time to eat he shares his bread and cheese. Felix likes to eat out of Shelby's hand while Ullie and Otis enjoy their lunch sitting in a coat pocket.

Shelby is dressed in his everyday attire. You’ll notice that instead of wearing his fine handmade boots, his feet are bound in scraps of leather that have been tied on with cords.

The Nossie wear special robes and cloaks when making their gift deliveries but on a normal work day they are more practical with their attire and often their coats are shabby but always mended and clean.

If you look closely you will see that Shelby's hat is nearly the same color as his eyes. It was knitted for him by Essie Lu Nosse who is sweet on him and has been for many years, not that it's done her any good. Most male Nossie spend little time thinking of anything other than making toys.

Look closely and you will see that Nossie really do have two left feet. Shelby’s feet are also 1/3 his height.

I hope you've enjoyed spending this time with Shelby. Although he may not look like the ideal Santa, he fits all of the requirements of a true gift-bringer. He is kind, gentle caring individual who takes joy in bringing happiness to others.

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Maggie said...

Well, Maddy, I think Shelby is my favorite Nossie! This is a Nosse with a lot going for him! He is a handsome little bugger, isn't he? Love your ongoing story about the Nossie, and I didn't remember you saying that they had two thumbs on each hand before. That is amazing! LOL. Good job!

Katy Cameron said...

Hee hee, just love the Nossie! Great baockground story, and he came out fab, just love the feet :oD

The Bear's Blog said...

Love it, love it, love it.


art2cee2 said...

Love your little nossie!

Rona Gregory said...

Aww gentle Shelby... he's cute!


Linda in New Mexico said...

Shelby and his sweet feet tickle me so. How absolutely adorable. You are amazing.
The Olde Bagg

Marlene said...

Love Shelby, you did a great job telling his story also. The little mice crack me up. I gave Daisy a big kiss from you and she said thank you and said to let you know she is feeling better and giving mom a run for her money trying to keep her quiet.

ger chouinard said...

Wait .... are you making up this story about Nossies? I've never heard of them! I love this Nossie - is he holding a mouse? What a very cool character ... seriously, how come I never heard of a Nossie??? I bet there are Nossies in OZ ... right there over the rainbow! Have an enchanting weekend MaddyRose!

Mina said...

Oh Maddyrose, I was enchanted through this entire telling and I must ask you if the Nossie are truly from times of old myths or if this little being is a creation of your heart/mind?

I ADORE Shelby Nosse and have gone sweet on him myself but please don't tell Essie Lu Nosse. ;-)

Everything about him draws me in. His big blue eyes, his 2 left feet, his large nose and long beautiful beard. Add to that his pure soul and I am swept off my feet. You are an amazing artist and I hope not a day passes that you see this for yourself!

Mina said...

Miss Maddy Rose, I left an award for you on my blog if you would like to pick it up. Have a wonderful week.

Country Creations By Denise said...

Love your adorable Nosse!! Beautiful work!!

yoborobo said...

Shelby is too cute! I love his feet - lol!! And he is so sweet to take care of the little mice. :) Beautiful work! xox Pam

Crystal Cook said...

LOVE this! The story is so wonderful, and his expression! Perfect. There is something about him that's very endearing, maybe it's his nose, or maybe the way he's looking at that mouse. Either way, wonderful work!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Hi Maddy, I just LOVE your Santa! there is something about him perhaps a little primitive look that i like it a lot!*grin*
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