Sunday, June 5, 2011

Red and White Santa

I have never made a Santa wearing a red suit with white fur before and I know that many of you feel strongly about Santa in that color combination so this is for you.
This Santa is similar to the ones I’ve been making recently. There are differences as he’s wearing a shorter coat so more of his legs show and unlike the others his clothing is much brighter and lighter.
As I promised in my last post  the dolls and bears are staying in balance.
I hope you enjoy this Santa as much as I enjoyed making him.

To assure his hair and fur trim are distinguishable from one another I've blended some gray into the white.

Here's a closer look at the toys in the bag. The Teddy bear doesn't look very happy, does he?

I love viewing Santa from the side as I never get tired of looking at that profile. Handsome isn't he?

This Santa has curly hair unlike the last four of this style. Do you think he needs a trim?

In this shot you get a better look at the doll's face which is only the size of the tip of my index finger.

Hope you enjoyed you visit. The Santa shown here like the others that I've posted will be available for sale in my blog shop.

As always it's been a pleasure having you stop by.


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Maddyrose,

I really like this Santa. Of course collecting them means I like the traditional & non-traditional. But I really like this one.

As for the teddy bear not looking happy - I think it's just that it may be time for his honey & peanut butter and he is thinking how "not" to share with that little doll.


art2cee2 said...

I just love this Santa. Every Christmas I decorate in every room of my house. I'm so glad there are those like you who keep Christmas all year long!! :-)

Linda in New Mexico said...

This Santa is just proof positive that you can see the right jolly olde elf in all his many incarnations. I love him. But I especially love the fact that you gain such pleasure in the shows. Wonderful artistry Ms. Maddyrose.
The Olde Bagg

Katy Cameron said...

I think the bear's grumpy because he didn't get the sack all to himself ;o)

Maggie said...

LOL,I think this is just the cutest little guy! Love the traditional colors, and the curly hair! I think the bear needs a bear hug!

Dessa Rae said...

This Santa is adorable!! He reminds me of someone I know but I just can't put my finger on it...
The teddy bear is just bored and needs someone to play with!!
Beautiful work!!
Dessa Rae

Leola - Southshoreartist said...

He's certainly a handsome fellow, and the detail on the bear and doll is remarkable.....well done!!!!

Marlene said...

Another wonderful Santa Sis. He is adorable from the side, very cuddly indeed. I think the bear is just sad cause he wants a hat like the doll has.

Jan said...

Another winner! You do such fine work, Maddy. So much detail. Bears are sad, that is all there is to it.

Marijke van Ooijen said...


This red Sante is so lovely.
I like his face..I love him.


Crystal Cook said...

I love this Santa. He looks like a man on a mission, a jolly one. :) That profile IS handsome isn't it? I'm wishing Christmas was here.

Leny said...

Love him!


Mina said...

You are so sweet to give the people what they ask for and to do with with such artistic skill! I do not think this Santa needs a hair cut at all. Love his curls and yes, he is a hottie in his own Santa way. ;-) Your creations always make me dream of Christmas, which I love very much. Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend.