Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bellamine & Wendy and The Bear's Room

Hi Everybear,

Bellamine & Wendy here and we're going to show you our room and some of the North Pole bear clan. Our friend Prudence thinks if we're persistent we can wear Mom down and she'll give in and let us have a blog of our own. Until that happens, and we know it will cause we are persistent, Mom is going to let us do a post on her blog from time to time to get the feel of blogging.      Do you feel anything yet, Wendy?

Our Mom likes quilts and she especially likes Christmas quilts. We have the prettiest one on our bed. It's got shams to match. Right now it's covered with bears too. They're watching a Christmas movie. We spent the morning helping Mom make cookies and we're all tired.

Our puppy Vinnie is watching the movie with us. He's a real sweetie and doesn't chew our toys and books and stuff like some dogs do. He's a lot like us. Here we are, just hanging out in our room on a Sunday afternoon. This is for you Mom. We're being good and know that you'll tell Santa. You will tell him won't you?  She will tell him won't she Wendy?

We told Mom to take a close-up so you can see some little girl bear's new Christmas dress. It's got a really full skirt and when a certain little bear spins around it goes way out and up. Makes a little bear feel as pretty as a flower, and a little bit dizzy.

They don't even know that I got down off the bed. The movie is so good that nobeary's paying any attention so I'm going to have Mom take a picture of me and our Christmas tree.

We even got some pressies under it. When we wake up on Christmas morning there's going to be more. There will  be a gazillion of pressies. Right Mom? Maybe even more than a gazillion. You think there will be more than a gazillion, Wendy? What comes after a gazillion?

We wanted to take pictures of Santa's work shop but it's not allowed because it's supposed to be a secret. Yeh, right! Like there's anybody who doesn't know about the workshop. Mom said it's cause she had to sign a confidentiality agreement and in it there's a clause that states  cameras are not allowed. Besides, the workshop is off limits to all non workers right now due to this being the final week before Christmas. There's a big ol' count down clock and everyone is rushing to get the orders completed.

We have to go now. We have to vote on which movie to watch next. Since this is one little bear's first Christmas her big sister is helping her choose. Thanks for visiting and we all wish everyone a

              Merry Christmas

Bellamine & Wendy

How did we do Mom? We did pretty good, right?


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Bellamine & Wendy,

I love your teddy family. Everybear looks so nice all decked out for Christmas.

Keep wearing your Mom down about your Blog. She will give in...honest.

We understand about the workshop - top secret. We LOVE your Christmas tree, I bet you decorated it, right?

We're watching Polar Express tonight. This afternoon Mom and I watched Home Alone, well, Dad too, and our puppies, Molly Brown & Jessie. It was a chilly day and we all snuggled up and had so much fun.

Heaps of Hugs

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Cute post, Maddy!!!

Merry Christmas,

Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

Well, if this doesn't put one in the Christmas spirit, nothing will! What a fun post! Merry Christmas to "Mom" and all the little bears!

Katy Cameron said...

Well, ya know, that Santa Clause is unbreakable, we wouldn't want mum getting in trouble...

We have all, of course, duly admired the flouncy Christmas dress, and the quilt (with many questions about why WE don't have one) and the tree (nope, not one of them either...)

Happy Christmas everybeary


The Clan and Jack

Linda in New Mexico said...

Wendy and Bellamine, this was a very beary happy blog post. Thanks for the tour and all the sweet info on your happy life with Mom. I look forward to lots more posts from the two of you. hugs and kisses, Oma Linda

Kays Kids said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, Belamine and Wendy, you need to write a regular blog. You did such a good job. I was glued to the putta.
How good is that swing around dress. Don't get it dirty before Christmas. You have got a few rug rats as well. I have a whole clutch of them. I had to read stories last night until really late.

JDConwell said...

That is one cute bunch o' bears. :~)

orchid said...

Hi!, Everyone♬♬♬
Oh, what a wonderful quilt; yes SO pretty♡♡♡ Wow, you all are a wonderful big family!!!
I love the phrase "wear down"; I have many things I want to wear hubby down p;)
So Lovely sitting by the tree, and makes me realize how busy Mom is right now.
Be good kind to little bear and help her a lot, everyone♪♪♪
Blessing and good luck for the next movie,
Love and lots of Hugs, xoxo Orchid*

Ascension said...

Que lindo mensaje, me encanto.
Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!!!!!
besitos ascension

Mina said...

Sweet Bellamine & Wendy, how lovely to hear from you. I love your dress and all of your wonderful friends on your mom's beautiful quilt. Enjoy opening those gazillion presents on Christmas morning and give mom a special hug from me.