Friday, December 9, 2011

More Christmas Decorations

I've been busy decorating in the dining room and living room and have taken a few pictures to share with you. I've cut back a bit on the decorating this year as some of the boxes didn't make it down from the attic when my helpers were here and I'm unable to get them down on my own. That would require me to climb a ladder and this old broad doesn't do ladders. I'm too clumsy for that. Anyway I've decided that less is best right about now. I've been driving myself and everyone around me nuts trying to do too many things and now I'm all for trying to enjoy the rest of the time between now and Christmas morning. I've gifts to finish making and buying. Then there's baking for here and for gifts to be given to friends and neighbors. I also have my special fudge to make. Plenty of things left to do so I'll go ahead and show you some photos of some of my decorating.

Starting in the dining room here is the buffet with my very first Belsnickle.

There is an everyday Christmas print table cloth on the table which will be replace with a dressier one on Christmas day.

This is the tree with the handmade ornaments and the tree skirt is a patchwork one that I made about 25 years ago. I made matching Christmas stockings for each family member including the grandchildren. There are only two of the stockings still here at the house and will be hung on the mantel on Christmas eve.

As you can see, I didn't need to be worried about the tree being skimpy on ornaments. The only ornaments that aren't handmade are some little red apples that I added to give it some more red. Usually I use a lot of red in my Christmas decorating.

On the mantel there are some handmade NQR hearts from Oma Linda and a snowman and Santa from my sister Maggie. There is also an angel shelf sitter and a couple of snowman stocking holders nestled in there among the holly leaves and berries.

On the hearth there are some of my little snow kiddies and the stuffed snow couple were made by Maggie and given to me a few years ago. I have a much larger snowman collection but they're still in the attic.

This is one of my two treadle sewing machines that are in the living room. I've covered the top with a small Christmas quilt and have the patchwork Santa standing guard.

The only other Santa that I have sitting out is the one on the coffee table. I chose the two that are my Avatar. This one and the one on the buffet. They are the second and third Santa figures that I sculpted when I first started working with paper mache clay and are part of my personal collection. You can see a bit of my other antique sewing machine off to the side of the sofa.

Okay, that's about all of the decorations I took photos of before my camera battery died. I'm not sure when I'll be doing another post as I need to finish up on my things to do list but I'll try to get around to as many of your blogs as I can.

I sure hope all of you are enjoying you week and have just about all of those things that needed doing done.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Bellamine, Hi Wendy;

Your Christmas decorations are wonderful. Is Miss Maddyrose putting up a wee tree for you?

Have a fun day. We are all tucked in after Mom does grocery shopping first thing this morning. We are baking cookies this afternoon.

Heaps of Hugs

art2cee2 said...

Love your decorating! Now you do sit down and enjoy the days before Christmas, my friend :-)

Cobblestone Creations said...

Just lovely! I simply love all the gentle colors in your home. Enjoy the holidays!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey, your decorating looks wonderful. Very happy. And you got finished in plenty of time to be able to admire it for quite awhile. And the NQR look just right on your mantle, I'm glad.
Now you can concentrate on making goodies to eat.
XOXO Oma Linda

Ascension said...

Me ha encantado visitar tu casa y todas las cosas que has puesto para decorarla , me encantan.
Que bonita esta.
besitos ascension

Leny said...

I love,love your Christmas decorations!! Beautiful!!


Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

Oh my, what treasures you have...and memories, I am sure! I have been clicking to enlarge and enjoying each display and, of course, your beautiful tree! Thanks for sharing some of your holiday joy! Merry Christmas!

Love Bears All Things said...

Good morning, I love all of the decorations but the patchwork Santas are my favorite, of course...NO BEARS?
Thanks for dropping by to visit.
Mama Bear

Maggie said...

You are just TOO busy, sis! STOP! You should relax now. Or, if you still have a lot of excess energy, you can come to my house and help me get my decorating done! Love seeing your house decorated for Christmas!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, I'm your new follower. You've got some fabulous Santas and Snowmen, two of my favorite dolls. I think your home looks festive and very homey and
Warm Holiday Wishes,

Kays Kids said...

Dear Maddyrose,
Your tree looks wonderful plus all your other decorations. Sit back and enjoy them. I look at my tree and think I wonder what it would look like if it had snow on it.

Katy Cameron said...

Oooh, thanks for the tour, how pretty and festive :o)

Good luck on your 'To Do' list!

Mina said...

Oh Maddy Rose, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful decorations. You home looks so warm and inviting, the festive decor calling out for goodwill and friendship to be shared.

Everything is lovely and charming. The handmade items are spectacular. You and your sisters are so very gifted. I also love both the first tree you put up and this one. Wow! It would take me till New Years to put up more than 1 tree. Much love to you my sweet friend.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Well you've certainly done a lot... I don't know about that "less is best" comment! Your lovely decorations are inspiring and sure put me in a festive mood. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

wow, you've been busy, I'm trying.
I did get my tree up, and for me that signals the time for me to clean...always do so it seems Christmasy. Love your decorations. I'll probably add my snowmen, the ones that didn't sell, to mine!

Have a great week Maddy,


Jan said...

You have some of the very best decorations and I would expect nothing less. Beautiful and sweet, thanks for sharing.

Careful around those ladders too;-)

orchid said...

Hello, Dearest Maddy.
How beautifully decorated your living room is♡♡♡♡
Haha, I needed to check the word "Belsnickle". I leaned that it is an old world Santa Claus figure usually of German origin.
Splendid Tree you have made☆☆☆
All the handmade ornaments are wonderful. You two are gifted and lovely sisiters,aren't you♪♪♪
You call it "the tree skirt". You keep the patchwork you made for such a long time♬♬♬
Oh, I haven't heard of "an angel shelf sitter" which we are hidden in holy leaves, right.
Yes, I recognized "treadle sewing machines" which is the same type of the one my mother was usingand made some clothes for me!!!
Your Santa figures are wonderful sitting on the buffet and the coffee table.
Oh, thank you very much for showing your work and all the things that I didn't know!!!
Perfect Work, my friend♡♡♡

Sweet Bear Creek Whims said...

It all looks great Maddy! you are one ambitious gal