Friday, February 10, 2012


Here we are again. Good thing for Mom she has us to pick up the slack. Seems she's been in a bit of a slump where creating is concerned, but not us. Nope!! No way are we in a slump!

This week we made some pretty Valentine's hearts out of salt dough and painted them. There are 50 hearts and we painted them four different colors. The lacy edged ones we painted white and then gave them a pearl finish. The plain edged hearts we painted with Sweetheart Blush for the darkest color and then mixed it with white for the second color and then more white to make a really pale pink for the third color. We finished them with crystals sprinkled over mod podge but it doesn't show up very well in the photos. Darn! The crystals make them look really sparkly.

We used gold jewelry making wire to hang the hearts on our little tree. We convinced Mom to let us decorate our tree differently for each of the holidays, not just Christmas. Neat idea, don't you agree? 

We covered the basket that the tree sits in with light pink fabric and tied it with a pretty ribbon.

We thought this little music box looked nice sitting near the tree. It used to belong to our grandma Audrey but we have it in our room now.

Here is a close-up of one of the fairies that have come to sit in our tree. There are two different types and we're not sure how many of them there are and we're afraid to count them because we don't want them to get spooked and fly away.

Here's where we set our tree first. It's a table in front of the window of our room. Mom said it was so pretty we should put it somewhere everyone could see it, so we told her we would let her put it on the buffet in the dining room.

It does look nice sitting there next to the bowl of hearts and the pretty little doll with Sampson on her lap.
Wave at the camera, Sampson.
Isn't he the cutest little bear? He likes being held.

Mom has more hearts in this room. There's the heart shaped wreath on the wall with a really pretty felted heart she received as a gift from her friend Jan hanging from it.

There's another wreath, not heart shaped, but it does have a heart hanging from it that she got from our Oma Linda.

We're already starting to work on ornaments for another holiday. Here's a sneak peek.

There they are, next to some of the hearts we just finished. We can't figure out why Mom says that pink isn't one of her favorite colors. We love it. Pink and purple. We love them both.

Well, we're off to visit our bear friends who blog on Friday. Hope you enjoyed seeing our tree. It was fun to make and we think we might have inspired Mom. She's making some little hearts out of paper mache clay. We tried to make some too but that stuff is sticky and messy and our hearts didn't turn out. They looked like yucky, nasty lumps, not very pretty. You don't want to know what they really looked like. When Oakley said what he thought they looked like, Mom said, "That's enough potty talk." Our friend Wilbur made some and boy oh boy he's really good at it!

Well, thanks for visiting and do come back.

Hugs from the North Pole bears,

Bellamine & Wendy


The Bear's Blog said...


Oakley talked "potty talk" about your decorations that didn't turn out? Oakley, shame on you. (Did they look like bear poop?) Giggle.

Heaps of Hugs

Jan Conwell said...

Those are some pretty talented bears. :~)

Kristin Dudish said...

Hooray - I love that tree! The hearts are fantastic... I think it is so cool you (they?) are decorating for different holidays ;)


ria vogelzang said...

Those little hearts look so gorgeous!!! A great way to make a happy Valentines-day!
Greets from the Netherlands!

Heather said...

Your valentine tree is so very special! Enjoy your Friday!

orchid said...

Hello, Guys♡♡♡
Yay! Good job for helping your Mom.
What a lovely tree decorated with the former creations♬♬♬
I can see you have all love-heart in your home for the Valentine's day, which warms everyone's heart. The music box with memories sure look nice next to the tree and I love coloring of the picture as well. The two wreath must be brightening the room♡♡♡
I AM proud of you talented guys☆☆☆
Sending lots of love from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Cobblestone Creations said...

What a soft touch of romance ~ love it!

Crystal said...

Love this idea...and the hearts. I can't wait to see more! :-)

Mary @ Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

What smart little talented and great story tellers! Maddy, I enjoy seeing all of your wonderful creations and always look forward to the next.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh sweetie looks like you have had such fun with the wonderful hearts. Momma must be so proud of all your decorations on the tree. I especially love the fairies. We have a fairy tree at our house and are always surprised by who comes to visit. Lucky bears who attract fairy folk.
Be good little bears, no more potty talk and there's something coming in the mail, just for you Bellamine and Wendy. But I suppose you can share it with all the bears and Momma too. XOXO Oma Linda

Magnetic Island Artist Edward Blum. said...

You might live at the North Pole but you sure make it look snug as a rug. A beautiful blog full of warmth. Thank you for sharing.

PEA said...

Oooooh your tree is so awesome and we luv all the hearts and fairies you put in it. We need to ask Mama Pea if we can get our own tree too, how fun it would be to decorate it for the different holidays. Wouldn't it be neat if you could come over and show us how to make those hearts? Well, anyway, it was so much fun visiting you today:-) Lots of beary hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxox

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Very pretty Maddy. If you use the paper clay in the package by Crayola it's very much like fondant and no stickiness, it's a dream to work with. And you can mix tempera powders with it for brilliant coloring.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Well I'm laughing about the potty talk! No potty talk, is what I am always saying to my three little great Grandsons!

All your hearts and fairies and your pretty tree are just lovely!

You two are certainly good little bears and so creative!!

Sweet Pea
and mama

Katy Cameron said...

Whew, good job you're there to keep mum on her toes or she'd never have any decorations! Great job girls :o)


The Clan and Jack

Christel Hutson said...

Dear Maddy, I always leave here with a smile after seeing the sweet and whimsical things you create! The bears are very good story tellers, and make the sweetest hearts and tulips! P.S. Loved the fairy touches throughout the tree! xoxo Christel

Kays Kids said...

Granny I want a tree like Belamine and Wendy!!! I do wish I had a tree like that with fairies in. Oh, well I don't think it is likely to happen. I know the feeling , that the paper clay looks like (You know what, except mine was white.) I think some one wasn't well. haaa Haaa.

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Cute little hearts. Very festive for the holiday. Can't wait to see the tree done with all those tulips!!