Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today we're going to show you how we spend those long winter days when Mom is too busy to play with us. We should mention that she's too busy most of the time. If we were insecure little bears that might be a problem but we're not so it isn't.

Not too long ago we read a post about a bear who was bored and didn't know what to do to entertain himself. We thought it would be helpful for us to show you how we combat boredom.

First off we have stacks of books to read and are working our way through the Harry Potter books. We can spend a whole morning or afternoon reading cause the books are so good we don't want to stop. We take turns reading out loud.

We also have games and jig saw puzzles. We got some new puzzles for Christmas and have been putting them together. Some of them are really hard so we can spend days working on the same puzzle.

This can't be all of the purple border pieces. Clarissa, hand me those piece you've got. I think they fit here somewhere.

Mom says to do the borders first so look for the borders.

This isn't all of the pieces for the snowman. Look for more of the snowman.

The piece is the right colors but it doesn't fit. It's gotta fit.

Grab that piece right over there...

When we get tired of puzzling we have crafts supplies to work with. Since Valentine's day is less than two weeks away we're thinking about making decorations. Mom has left some pretty pink fabrics laying out on the cutting table so we're going to make something with it.

Hang on, this pattern making isn't as easy as it looks. Let me try another one.

Ah... Bellamine I think you're supposed to pin the pattern on the material before you cut.

Mom bought us some cookie cutters and promised to help us make some salt dough so we can try our paws at making ornaments for our Valentine's tree.

Hope this was helpful in giving you ideas of things to do to pass the time on those long winter days.

Since Mom hasn't let us have our own blog yet, she said we can do a guest post any time we want so we're thinking up more things for future posts.

Please come back and visit when you have time. We love to show off, we mean we love to visit.

Hugs from the North Pole Bears,
Bellamine & Wendy


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi you two.....I was beginning to worry since you haven't posted - (but I understand about your Mom).

Looks like you are having fun, I'm not into puzzles, but then I do have my Blog to keep up and of course there are 2 little pests that are always getting in my way - it's LuLu & Flora.

Have a fun afternoon.


Is it snowing at the North Pole?

Jan Conwell said...

Oh that was fun! I just told a bear story on my blog too...must be something in the air. Winter boredom maybe?

Linda in New Mexico said...

Well bears, you do have quite an arsenal of things to keep you from becoming bored. And you didn't even mention building blocks. Hmmmmmm maybe we should do somthing about that....after all what's a bear play day without blocks.
Oma Linda

Ascension said...

Me alegro de volver a leerte otra vez, pense que te pasaba algo.
Que bien se lo pasan, debe ser muy divertido.
besitos ascension

Kays Kids said...

Hugs, Kisses, Smooches, jummping up and down..... I'm so excited my friends from the north pole have sent a blog right into MY computer...
I would love to be there and play with you. Yes you are right Granny taught me to do the edges first.
I want to hear about that Potter boy.

Jan said...

You little scamps be sure and clean up your mess when you are finished!

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

You guys are certainly busy, but there's always tea parties..then you can have a snack with all that reading and creating your doing. And yes, you do the borders first!!

Crystal said...

I love stories! And bear stories are the best! Have a great weekend my friend! ;-)

Katy Cameron said...

Oh my, what busy bears you have been! We've been having puzzling problems too *sigh* we just can't ge tall the edges to go together! It's a puzzle of Hector though, so we really, really want to finish it for him, but so many pieces look so alike!


The Clan and Jack

orchid said...

Hello cute little bear friends,

Oh, you all sure kept busy doing all these things and well-behaved not to bother mom♬♬♬
Well, it doesn't seem so; haha please do not come in the way of what she should do by making a mess p;)
Yes, hope you all have a sweet Valentine's Day together with mom♡♡♡

Blessing to you all, xoxo Miyako*

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

What sweet little bears you are. Puzzles sound fun! We like books too. We hope you make some pretty things out of the pink material and how nice your mom is to let you make ornaments out of salt dough! That would be real fun!!

we're going to tell our mama that we would not be so naughty if we had more things to keep us busy.

We think the only thing needed to make your days even better is lots of honey and some crackers.

from your friends
Sweet Pea
Sissy and mama

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Well, hello there! I want to tell you that you guys did an awesome job posting and you should guest post more often (tell Mom I said so).
You certainly know how to stay busy, I should take a lesson from you!
You are seriously adorable working on that puzzle!!

Leny said...

Lovely busy bears!!!


PEA said...

Hi Bellamine and Wendy! This is Misty and Tiffany, Mama Pea is letting us use her computer so that we can visit you:-) You guys sure know how to have fun but that puzzle looks really hard, you must be smart bears! Mama Pea has a puzzle going too but we're not allowed to help since last time we ummmm...errrrr...lost a few pieces! If you have the time, come on over to our blog, well it's actually Mama Pea's blog but she lets us do a post every Friday:-) Lots of bear hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxo

Mina said...

Oh Bellamine & Wendy, it is so nice to hear from you and to see all of your wonderful books, puzzles and crafts. Your mom sure loves you to keep you so well entertained! I know you always put a smile on my face.

Tell your mom that she is a sweetheart and than I hope her week is one of wonder and not too much work...and some rest. ;-)

Hugs to all of you! Mina

yoborobo said...

Those pictures are adorable! Good job, bears! You have more patience than I do with puzzles. And tell your Mom that pie should have been on my list, too! xoxo

Christel Hutson said...

Dear Maddy, the bears are so adorable, love the pictures, and the creative, at so many things, one of the things I love about your blog! Thank you so much for stopping by to see me, I am sorry I have not been to visit..I just was not feeling worth a darn these past two weeks..this one really threw me for a loop! I hope YOU are feeling better, and are able to get some rest! I went off of my diet temorarily..I needed food to help me recooperarte! Seems to be helping. I can finally breathe again, and smell! Hope all is wonderful at your house! xoxo Christel

Lynnie said...

My daughter keeps on getting on the computer....."May I read the bear blog again!" What a beary delightful post!

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