Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday my mom said, “Bellamine, there is a new family who has moved in the house down the lane and they have a daughter your age and I thought it would be a nice thing for you to pay her a visit and welcome her to the neighborhood so I arranged a play date for you this afternoon.”
She didn’t even ask me if I wanted to meet this new girl or anything, she just went ahead and arranged a play date. I had a good mind to tell her I didn’t want to go. Since I didn’t have anything to do and Wendy was busy with some secret project I figured I’d make Mom happy and go meet this dumb girl. The things we kids do to make our bearents happy. Am I right?
So, just before it was 1:00 I got on my bike and rode down the street to the little green house that used to have the for rent sign in the window.
No sooner had I knocked on the door when it was opened by this human girl who looked very happy to see me.

“Welcome, welcome, come on in, don’t be shy little bear.”  The girl said. “My name is Dory O’Dell.  We just moved here because my daddy got a job working at the toy factory for Santa. Can you believe it? He’s going to be working for THE SANTA!! He says it’s his lifelong dream to be working for the big man himself.”
“Huh? Shy? Who, me? I’m not shy. Nobody ever calls me shy. My mom didn’t tell me that you were a human girl. Cool! I don’t know very many human girls. My mom works for Santa too and he and Mrs. Claus come to our house for dinner at least once a month. You’re going to really like him, he’s super nice. Oh, I nearly forgot, my name is Bellamine.”
“Wow!! You can talk! I didn’t know you would be able to talk. I never heard a teddy bear talk before.”
“Well, of course I can talk. All of us bears can talk because teddy bears almost always live with humans. Haven’t you ever had a teddy bear live with you?”
“Nope, I’ve never had a bear. I’ve got a clown doll and he never talks but I never have had a bear.”
“Do you want a bear? I know this girl bear named Clarissa that you might like to have come live with you. Only problem with her is you have to call her ‘Your Highness’ because she thinks she’s a princess. Ask your mom, I’m sure my mom will say it’s okay if your mom says it’s okay.”
“Okay, I’ll ask my mama if Clarissa can live with us. Come on, I’ll show you my new bedroom. Do you have your own room?”

“No, I have to share a room with my brothers, sisters and my cousins, who live with us, but it’s a big room and we have lots of neat stuff. We have our own TV and DVD player and movies. We have books and games and puzzles and lots of toys and a computer. We have a rocking horse named Woody and we have a puppy named Vinnie.  Do you have those things in your room?”
“Nope, I don’t have a TV or computer or movies in my room. My mama and daddy have a computer and we have a TV and DVD player in the den.  I’ve got toys and books and puzzles and my mama gave me some flowers for my room and I have my very own watering can to water them with. I’ve got a rocking chair. Do you have one of those?”

“We got a rocking chair but there’s this dumb old doll who’s always sitting in it. Oh, I see your clown is sitting in yours. Hey clown, why don't you talk?”
"Why should I? Nobody really cares what I have to say."
"I'll listen to you." Dory told the sad little clown. "I would have listened sooner if I knew you talked."


This is how our afternoon went. We talked about everything. I told her about my brothers and sisters, especially Wendy and I told her about going to camp this summer. I told her how my sister and I made things and how our mom taught us how to make cookies and ornaments to decorate our little tree.  I told her about feeding the reindeer and about visiting the toy factory and the elves. I told her that my mom has the secret recipe for the best hot chocolate just like the hot chocolate that Santa loves. I told her my favorite foods are honey and peanut butter and she said she likes honey and peanut butter and she had her mom make us a snack of honey and peanut butter on crackers.  I told her how my mom lets us post on her blog on Friday when we have something to blog about and told her that I was going to do a post on the blog about our visit. We had so much fun talking that the time just flew by and in no time at all Dory’s mom was saying it was time for me to go because my mom had called to say dinner was nearly ready.
As I was getting ready to leave, Dory did the most wonderful thing. She hugged me and told me we were going to be the best of friends. Isn’t that great? I have a new friend and she is a human girl and her name is Dory O’Dell.

When I got home I started telling Mom and Wendy about Dory and her mom and their house and how much fun I had there.  Mom said she knows what a good time I had because Mrs. O’Dell sent pictures to her phone of us she took with their phone. She said I could use them in my post. She also said she didn’t think it was very funny that I offered to have Clarissa go live at the O’Dell’s. Oh well, I gave it a try and that’s what counts. You never know, maybe one day Mom will say yes.
Today is Friday and some of my bear friends are going to be posting so I’m going to say so long for now so I can go visit their blogs.  Have a happy weekend.
Mom just now saw the title of my post and said that it was a name of a movie from 1974 or 1976 starring Jodie Foster. I asked her why we didn’t have it. She said she didn’t think we’d like it. She says that a lot. 


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Bellamine,

I love your new human girl friend. How exciting for you.

You tried to give your sister away? Oh, be careful - Camp Good Bear doesn't allow naughty teddy bears to come for summer vacation. Hm, it seems I just said that to Blossom and Sissy Bear over at Honeypot Lane.

Be good and it won't be long before we are on our way to camp. Yippee!

Hugs ♥

Miss Maddyrose,

Behave yourself too. Santa is watching (giggle).

Mary @ Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

Dory is precious...looks so happy to be part of the neighborhood.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How magical! I would love to have you all walk up the lane...high up onto the mountain top to visit me! Dory is adorable!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Hi Bellamine,

We think it's so nice that you have a human little girl to visit and play with. It sounds like you two had a lot of fun.

It sounds like Blossom and Clarissa are a lot alike. :O(

Too bad your plan for Clarissa to move in with your new friend didn't work out.

Beary big hugs
Sissy, Blossom and Sweet Pea
and their mama too

Katy Cameron said...

Oh it's always fun to have new friends, and we're so glad someone finally listened to the sad little clown, we do hope he got to play too.

Hmm, between Prudence tryig to get rid of the babies, Sissy trying to get rid of Blossom and you trying to get rid of Clarissa, that could be a mighty empty bear camp this summer!


The Clan and Jack

Maggie said...

Dory is so sweet! And your post was very entertaining, Bellamine. You have a real knack for writing.

Maggie said...

I forgot to say how much I like Dory's outfit. You did well, Maddy.

Ascension said...

Dory me encanta con esos calcetines que nunca paran en su sitio 8como le pasa a mi nieto jejeje)
Me encantan tus narraciones, son como pequeños cuentos.
besitos ascension

Kays Kids said...

What a pretty friend you have. Dory looks like a cool girl to hang out with. Just be careful, you know the dreaded sentence. Be good or you wont go to camp. (I hate it).
Hugs Wilbur.

orchid said...
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orchid said...

Dearest Bellamine,
Your new friend "Dory" looks really LOVELY and SO happy to know you had a wonderful visit to her house and her marvelous room, in which clown sitting in the rocking chair♡♡♡
How wondeful to have a human girl friend; may be she would love to live with a bear friend. And I smiled to know that Clarissa wants to be called " Your Highness" because she thinks she's a princess(*^_^*) Every girl wants to be one when little, don't they?
What a marvelous meeting♬♬♬

Lots of Love and Many Hugs to you, xoxo Miyako*

ps> Tell your mom that it has been hectic several days for me and I am so sorry not to have visited you lately. I haven't commented for my friends (^_^;)

Mina said...

Sweet Bellamine, now aren't you glad that mom set up this surprise play date? Dory O’Dell is not only a beautiful little human girl, but apparently a tremendous sweetheart as well. I am so glad that you two will be the best of friends. One other thing your mom is right about...I don't think you'd have liked that Jody Foster movie either. ;-)

Give your very talented and beautiful mom a huge hug from me and please apologize that I am running behind on my commenting again but I hope she knows I love her tremendously.