Saturday, June 23, 2012


They're creepy and they're kooky,
mysterious and spooky
They're all together ooky,
 the Addams Family

Their house is a museum,
when people come to see-em
They really are a scre-um
the Addams Family

Neat, sweet, petite

So get a witch's shawl on,
a broomstick you can crawl on
We're going to make a call on
the Addams Family


This is for those of you who had the Addams Family theme song stuck in your head after seeing Wednesday since it may have started to fade or go away completely. I have had the stupid song running around in my head for weeks now and I can't seem to get it out of there. Maybe now that I've finished Pugsley it will fade away.

I started Pugsley weeks ago but have had so many other things going on he didn't get completed as quickly as I wanted him to. I'm really pleased with the way he turned out considering that when I started the head I was sculpting it for another doll I was making. Remember Lula? Well this was the second head I started on for her because I thought the first one and the one I actually went with might be too small for all that personality.

Since I hate wasting anything it's a good thing that with some clever rework I was able to turn what was supposed to be Lula into this cute little fellow.

How about smiling for the camera Pugsley?

That's much better.

Pugsley with his sister Wednesday. They really are a somber looking pair aren't they?

Pugsley doing his "I could care less" pose.

For siblings they really don't look that much alike. Where Wednesday is thin with black hair and very pale complexion, Pugsley is ruggedly built with brown hair although he too has a very pale complexion. They don't seem to like the sun all that much which is a plus if they stay here. 

I have now made four sets of siblings since last August starting with Bellamine and Bartholomew and ending with Wednesday and Pugsley. Besides the six shown below there were the two little red headed sisters that I made for St. Paddy's Day. I wouldn't be mentioning this except that as I said before, I'm not a doll maker.

From left to right we have Dory, Pugsley, Bellamine, Wednesday, Donner and Bartholomew.

Wednesday and Pugsley seem to be fitting in very well. The other kids all seem to be quite taken with them.

Note the two below hanging on to every word.

Donner seems to be very fond of Wednesday and can't seem to get enough of that sweet smile of hers.

Bellamine and Dory get all giggly when Pugsley comes into a room and Dory, Wendy and Bellamine all seem to be emulating Wednesday. I'm not sure what to think about that.

I'm keeping busy trying to get bodies made for the heads I started in March. I have made some progress. Besides what I've shown you in my most recent posts there are three Santa Claus figures on the drying racks that have only a bit more work to be done on them before they're ready to be painted. I also have two sets of arms that I painted this morning that are drying and will be fastened onto the dolls that I went shopping for dress fabric for this week. Then there are a few more heads that are nearly ready to be painted and if I ever get patterns made for their bodies I'll have a trio of aliens from outer space to show you. That should be fun.... I hope.

We are still not having the sunshine and warm temperatures that my poor garden would like. Getting one day here and there doesn't seem to be doing it.

The lack of warm weather and sunshine aren't the only things that are keeping my garden from flourishing. We've also been getting visitors who seem to like young tender shoots. I just now caught this culprit sneaking into the side yard. Little bugger did a belly crawl right under the fence.

It's okay, if you want to eat those, it'll save me the trouble of pulling them.

Now, these on the other hand are beans so stay away from them. Okay?

and stay away from anything you see growing in the planters.

Didn't I just say to stay out of the planters? With those big ears you'd think you'd be able to hear better or are you just pretending not to hear me? All right, shoo, get out of there. Hey listen up bunny, I said get out of there!

This is the first I've seen of this fella but for the past week I have been wondering what was happening to my seedlings. Between the squirrels digging in the planters and this little one helping himself to anything that looks good to him, things have been disappearing. I'm sure the rabbit is a pet that has gotten out.  Hope someone comes looking for him before all of my beans and lettuces are gone.  

Enjoy your weekend and as always, thanks for stopping by.



Katy Cameron said...

Oh noooo, that bloody song again!!!

They do look a great pair though, maybe they can be used to scare the bunny off (he does look like a pet)

The Bear's Blog said...

Now you started it all over again with that song. Good grief.

Ah, the bunny just wants to nipple on some greens. How precious.

Hugs ♥

Miss Maddyrose, you do love bunnies, right?

Linda Wildenstein said...

Pugsly is so very Adams familish. And thanks ever so for the "hauntingly" annoying, click, click.
I don't know why you say you are not a doll maker....these look like dolls to me. And they are your dolls so stop that nonsense. You, are a maker of many things, dolls are some of them, as well as my naughty grandbears, your fabulous Santas and Witches.
And put a sign out front of your house that Brer Rabbit needs to go back home. Siamese rabbits eating what you just got planted does not sound like a fun date to me. You who, bunny family, you bunny is at Ms. Maddy's house.
Oma Linda

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

I always watched the Adams Family.
I now will be singing the tune for days...
Pugsly is darlin'
I think Wednesday and Pugsly fits in perfectly with the gang.

What a cute bunny, at least looking from my side of the fence.
I guess he isn't too cute when he's eating all the seedlings?

I hope you have a splendid weekend ;)


yoborobo said...

Thanks for the song ear worm (the Addams fam-aaa-leeee ta da de dum!). I love your Wednesday and Puglsey! I just did another little painting of Wednesday's cousin Thursday (haha) and one of Morticia! We are on the same wave length.. :)) xox
PS That does look like an escaped pet bunny!

Wateringen said...

Dear Maddy Rose,

Your dolls and bears are so lovely...
The little boy is so cute..the Adams are amazing!

Love from Marijke

Kays Kids said...

Now Bellamine, I'm a bit worried those two kids will teach you to be kookie, and to fly on broom sticks.
We don't want magic potions going on.
Hugs Wilbur

Ann said...


orchid said...

Dearest Maddy,
So sorry about not knowing the song, hehe.
And yes, you ARE a doll maker (^_^)v
I SO enjoyed seeing the lovely ones you created starting with Pugsley♡♡♡ Thank you so much for the picture which all of them are lined up, really wonderful♡♡♡ The one Donner is looking at Wednesday is so cute!

OMG!!! That culprit (haha) is the one to blame. Looks cute but he or she must be having nice meal at your garden after escaping.

It seems the weather is not normal at your place and not plants friendly ( wish the word works ok, haha). The thoughts of the muggy summer waiting for us makes me a bit down as well(^^;)

Love you always from Japan, xoxo my dear bs*

Mary @ Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

I never watched the Adams Family so am a bit lost here. I do disagree with are a dollmaker and a darn good one. Pugsley is wonderful...fabulous sculpting. Why don't you send some of your cooler weather and rain to our drought striken land?

Lisa said...

ha ha ha, now that I do have that song running in my head. Thanks! (not being sarcastic)!
and how can you say you're not a doll maker? I think the sibs are cute.
Where there is one Rabbit, there are more! no garden for you!

Have a great Sunday, Maddy!

LLA Creations said...

The Adams Family watched it and thanks for the song!
For not being a Doll Maker you do a great job :) I wish I could not be a doll maker!

Ascension said...

Me he enamorado de tu parejita, son aboslutamente maravillosos.
Y ese conejito un encanto.
besitos ascension

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a cute little bunny! Hope he doesn't get it trouble! lol I love all of your dolls...each one has such personality! Enjoy your week! The sun is out for a little bit this morning! YAY!

Mina said...

I love that song and it's a good thing because it is now trapped in my head again! lol

Um...before you say you are not a dollmaker, you may want to check with the lady inside of you who is. These are truly amazing dolls, sweet Maddy. All 6 of them. I am just green with envy at your skills. I can't wait to see your little aliens. What a treat that is sure to be!

Those dastardly bunnies never want to listen. I hope he spares some of your food for harvest. ;-)

You are welcome to live in Minaca anytime and if anyone gives you any problems while you are there, I will smite them...twice! Big hugs to you Miss Maddy Rose.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Look at that bunny! It is solid white with brown funny!