Friday, June 22, 2012

We Love This Store!!

We're going to have a glorious time at our favorite store. It's one of only a few where Mom lets us go shopping with her. She says it's because there's something here for everyone and it's so big cause it's a super store so it's not too crowded. She doesn't like to take us into crowded stores. She's afraid we'll get bear napped.

"Hey Mom can we get some of these cute little bird houses for us to paint? We don't have any new projects to work on and these are on sale and the birds need new houses and if we get one for each of us bears to paint we can have a whole bird house community. Huh? Can we get some, pleeeeease?"

"I can't believe she said no to the bird houses. Hey, Bellamine, look over there at that display. Every thing is on sale. We don't have any forth of July stuff yet. Maybe we can find something to decorate or little tree."

"What do you mean it's too big for me? You can take it in no sweat Mom."

"Mom, can we get some of these guys for the garden? Aren't they so cute? Look how cute this one's shoes are."

"Bellamine, get back in the cart right this minute." (mom)

"How about one of these doggies? Can we get a doggie thingy for the garden?"

"Look at the froggies and the kitties and more doggies down here on this shelf. We really do need some of these for the garden. Which ones should we get? What do you think Wendy? We need some of these don't we? What's that Mom? What do you mean we don't need anything else in the garden? There's still lots of room where we could put some of these garden thingies."

"Wait until the kids at home get a look at these. We're going to have so much fun playing with these when we get home."

"Hey Mom look! They're only $9.99. Can we get two?"

"Ahhh....aren't these little bears and doggies cute? Can we get some? Pleeeeeease? Look, there's even some piggies."

"WOW!!! Look at all of the clothes! Mom do you think there's something in our sizes? Look at those dresses Wendy, I'm sure that one is your size. Come on Mom, can we try some on?"

"Look Mom, there's some garden shoes like yours only in my size and they're even pink. Can I get some? Pleeeease...."

"Can you make this hat a little tighter? I don't want it to fall off."

"Oh look Mom they're got some really pretty flowers here too. You said you wanted to look for flowers and here they are. Wotcha mean not these kind of flowers? These are pretty and they'll last longer than the kind that you stick in dirt."

"Hey Mom, we're getting hungry and thirsty and you said we could go out to lunch and I need to visit the little Bear's room. What do you mean you've got to look at the fabric first?Can't you come back and look at the fabric some other time when you're by yourself?"

" We're getting really really hungry and if we don't get to the little Bear's room I'm going to have an accident!! Wendy, do you want to look at fabric? See Mom, Wendy shook her head no and.....
I need to go to the little Bear's room NOW!!!!!"

"While Mom and Bellamine are looking for the restroom I thought I'd say so long because you really don't want to go along with us to lunch and watch us eat. When we get home we'll check our friends' blogs to see what every bear has been up to. It won't be long now, only three more weeks and we'll be seeing most of our friends at camp. Hope everyone is enjoying summer. It finally turned summer here too. Actually it turned summer here just yesterday. See you all soon." 

Bellamine & Wendy


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Bellamine & Wendy,

Wow, that was a great shopping trip you went on. One thing that I noticed though, the word "no" seemed to be everywhere.

I sure like your new hats, hope to see you wearing them on your 4th of July post. (o:

Nope, it won't be long now till we are at camp, ah - the lazy, hazy days at summer camp. I can't wait.

Hugs ♥

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

lovely stuff

orchid said...
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orchid said...

Hello, Lovely Guys,
What an interesting place or store to look into♡♡♡ I sure enjoyed the pictures of the goods SO MUCH!!! Even though some goods we can see here in Japan, there are different items. My favorite is the garden ornaments which I felt so unique!!! Oh, 4th of July is just around the corner and pretty new for me to see these goods for the day. And yes, they are so cute for you Bellamine, you couldn't help get close, aren't you(*^_^*)
Haha, why not mom didn't buy the GORGEOUS flower (they are orchid ♪♪♪)

I really am happy that you had fun time with mom and I wonder how much fabric she bought after that(^_^)v
Thank you very much for the lovely tour!!!

We have rain and a bit sunny kind of weather here and weeds can grow fast...

Lots of love and hugs, xoxo from your bs in Japan*

PS> I have changed some part after I posted the one before. Would you please delete it, p;)

Leny said...

Nice shopping!!

Loved it!!!

Enjoy your summercamp!!!


Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

We want to go to that store!! It looks like you saw a lot of things you wanted mom to buy. Our Mama said this reminded her of shopping with her three great grandsons. Lots of I needs, and I wants.

See you soon at camp
sissy, Sweet Pea and Blossom

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Didn't you have fun shopping! And look at all that great stuff! I see lots of things you need! Oh, I need it all, too. My eyes sure get big when I go in big stores like H.L. and see everything! And now it's summertime and we have lots of time to craft! HAVE FUN!

Linda Wildenstein said...

Dear Grandbears of Mine: you kinda sound like my grands on a shopping trip. Tip to the wise little bear, pick one item and dream about the others.....maybe next time. Oma Linda

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, man, the staff can be such kiljoys at times, we're sure there's LOADS of room in the garden for more friends, she obviously just doesn't have your vision...


The Clan and Jack

Ascension said...

Me ha encantado acompañaros y poder sonreir con tu historia, gracias.
besitos ascension

Mina said...

Sweet Bellamine & Wendy - It looks like you had quite an addventure shopping today! ;-) I love the hats. It must be wonderful to have a mom who can sew and resize things for you. Oh honey, that little bear's room thing...I was in the floor...I still talk like that when Dan and I are driving somewhere and the urge hits. I'll bet you are super excited about camp too. Hugs and smooches to both of you and your beautiful mom.

Hugs to